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  1. I’ve been blogging since 2004 but not continuously, originally I used blogger and still have an account there. Most of the content here was originally there. I’ve used yahoo 360 in the past but blogger is my main one. I had this site my personal site for quite a long time, in various version attempting to hard code it but could never get a final version up and running out of the door with all the features and never totally satisfied with it. In fact, I am not totally satisfied with this one either but I have decided that I can’t keep designing and redesigning the site over and over, thus I settled on using wordpress and a template I customize. It not perfect but at least it up and running and I can start using it. My main issue originally was if I used blogger, how much effort would it take to move all the posts I had there to here, fortunately it had a import feature so I was able to bring in all my blogger posts here.

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