The slow death of Windows in my world

I’ve never been a huge fan of Windows. In the old days I moved from MS-DOS to Windows 3.1 to using IBM OS/2 3.0. I was happy, OS/2 was decades ahead of anything with a Microsoft logo, then the fallout of the assassination of OS/2 by both knuckleheads at IBM and by Lucifer at Microsoft. I was forced to return to using Windows 95. I never really took up using Windows 98 nor ME (thankfully), having jumped over to using Windows NT, and enjoying a little of a better system than the run of the mill end user Windows 9x crap. With the much broader widescale influx of the Internet, I regained a lot of the toolsets I loved using with OS/2 including REXX. I rarely used IE and much preferred using Netscape before the advent of the Mozilla project. Finally came XP, which I adopted as my primary OS as I started to play around with the various *nixes (BSD and Linux). My first departure, was using Red Hat for a period of time. But for compatibility reasons I kept a dual boot of Windows, for times when I needed to use it. I eventually switched to OpenSuse, as it is a much smoother and nicer than RH, my early tries of Fedora was not pleasant so I avoided it. The early Ubuntu distros seems very incomplete to me, as I liked having out-of-the-box development tools.

Eventually, the other distros became more usable, and I have slowly adopted more Linux versions into my systems. Now, of the computers in my home, few run Windows. There only about 4 running Windows and 4 running Linux and I am favoring Linux more and more, weeding out the distros that are not stable enough for me. And some of the Windows machines may eventually die out in favor of Linux.

Currently, the systems that I have are as follows:

  • Old AthlonXP Desktop: Ubuntu 10.04
  • My Niece’s Sempron Desktop: Windows XP.
  • My Opteron Desktop: OpenSuse 11.3
  • My Phenom Desktop: Dualboot OpenSuse 11.3 and Windows XP-64
  • My Dell Laptop: Dualboot Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit and Windows XP
  • My Netbook: Windows 7

Of these, it a matter of time till I replace Windows 7 on my netbook with a linux distro (having Jolicloud crash on my laptop after an update, means Jolicloud will not be an option). So most likely it will be Ubuntu Netbook Edition.

The only reason I have Windows XP on my Dell Laptop is that I sometimes need a 32bit Windows system, to use a crappy video capture device that lacks drivers for any other operating system (including other versions of Windows). But eventually, when I no longer need to keep that backward compatibility, I see myself abandoning windows on it too.

The only reason I have Windows around anyway is for photoshop (Gimp is not nearly as functional) and the ability to log into Second Life easily. But as soon as better linux ports or support is available, I see myself less inclined to keep using any version of Windows. I’ve yet to find a reason to adopt Windows 7 as mostly everything else I use, are on Linux.