Rest In Peace

Rest in peace my beautiful friend. Although I’ve not spoken with you in the years since high school. The news of your passing has sadden me. You were a wonderful person and you will be remembered. Rest In Peace Fleur.

Fleur (circa 1986)

3d Ship Model Test

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The Anti Monsanto Farse

Ok I been doing my own research and more and more I am coming to the conclusion that the Anti-Monsanto campaign is a grand propaganda machine that is deceiving many. The lists that are shared is just a tip of the ice-burg of the lies that is being shared using social media making false linking to companies it claims are owned by Monsanto. The whole propaganda machine works on the basis that no one today is willing to do any deeper analysis of claims and their validity. These campaigns are spearheaded by companies that are trying to gain in the anti-GMO warfare such as Dannon. and illustrates just how weak the general internet population is and can be manipulated by interest groups. At first when I did not start any research into the claims, I was prone to support, but after seeing so much misinformation I was compelled to do my own deeper research. There has never been a legitimate claim to toxicity of any GMO. Mind you I do not support the use of artificial pesticides. But I am getting the impression that people who are willing to stand for a good cause are being manipulated by forces beyond their perception, that knows that people tend generally tend to become lemmings, especially those slanted to accepting certain propaganda, even if there is not scientific justification for such belief. Take for example the lie that was propagated about Monsanto being a issue between US and Russia relations, again a total fabricated lie that was shared using social media . The main problem is people tend to sheep but you must ask one question… who is the Sheppard? And more and more it seems that indeed there is an unseen puppeteer that is pulling the strings of the populace. As Bella Lugosi said in Glen or Glenda… “Pull the Strings”. Who is pulling the strings?

I love to know a Irish Gal.

Posted on Playboy’s facebook page today for St Patrick day. OMG. This girl is fricking HOTT. If only I knew a girl like that and she was into me.
Irish Hotty