An example of Leadership gone wrong

An example of Leadership gone wrong

Some people should never be put in leadership but sometimes they do, in fact one might wonder whose genitalia they sucked to get that position. Some years ago, there was someone put into leadership at the place I worked. Her motto was divide and rule, bring everyone down, back stab and use the institute resources towards her own gains. As we, not allowed to give details to the public. I will withhold names, but I am sure some of people I work with will know this vile, evil (b)witch. Just by reading between the lines of this post.

I was in charge of the computer lab at the time she was appointed into position. Her first point of administration was to attempt to prevent communication among the staff. She did not want me to communicate or associate with others and others to me. That I worked for her and not as a fellow member of staff. However, she saw my expertise to be useful and started dragging me to speeches she conducted that was not part of the institute focus but her own personal agenda and quest for recognition.

At this time, I had an old copy of Microsoft Office, that I installed on the school computers, including in the administrative office, that was therefore illegally in use in the office or even on the compound. The institute did not have a legal right to that software, as none was ever purchased. I was too “helpful” at the time, to “loan” them the software, which did teach me one lesson, however lacking a workplace is, never volunteer personal resources.

Another factor was I was becoming diabetic, and was going through nerve damage in my feet, so at this point standing for long periods was extremely painful to me. But everyone was forced to attend assembly (which lasted about one hour) and stand, I was ridiculed by this same administrative leader for trying to find an off center place to sit, and relieve my pain. Which was unbearable.

I should point out that classes for students were considered optional by this leader, who preferred classes canceled in favor of her own agendas.

Things came to a confrontation when this same person decided that not only was anyone allowed to visit me but I could not stay at my station during lunch sessions, and had to vacate, where there was no staff room to go. That I would most likely have to sit on a bench and eat lunch till lunch was over before I could go back to my desk.

This was the last straw, to which I removed the software I “loaned”, handed in my keys to the computer room and requested assignment to a class. An action did did not expected such a strong protest. She said she was going to report me for “sabotaging” the computer, but as there no warrant case of sabotage, she never did or else she have to explain how operations was being conducted illegally.

The computer room was put in charge of a trainee who had absolutely no idea of information technology and was teaching for information technology the colors of the electricity truck and considered computers to be electrical machines, in the same class of a drill or a water pump. But she was on the stupid side and was under the wing of this administrator.

Many of the staff disliked this person, but a few like in most staffs do contain ass kissers, who will take abuse and continue kissing.

She became very aware of the hatred she created, and so departed administration in secret over a vacation period to avoid the pile of crap she created.

The point is, there exist truly evil people in this world, that of course pretend to be very christian, but are as vile as a putrid cesspit. And they run from the mess they make in order to create new ones.

Second Life: Asshole Griefers (or those that get a kick off harassing other people)

In the real world, if someone do the stuff these assholes do they get arrested. But unfortunately in Second Life, the Linden Labs admins do not seem to care or attempt to stop this behavior. I am not talking about having a disagreement with another person, these people target you in public places or if they move next to your second life residence they aim becomes one where they go out of their way to harass you. You do not have to do anything to them, they do it on their own and provoke the trouble.

Most of the time it can be easy to ignore but sometimes it is so blatantly targeted at you, you cannot ignore it. I am in one such problem with a gang of them (and while it now a little quiet as I had to block any attempts to contact me in second life, I have had to ban and block them even accessing my land and airspace.

I will post their names here as I want everyone to know who these assholes are.

xyzqwa resident
Folf Fairport
Helmutg resident
Amygdalala resident (who does not do the attacking but close friends to the attackers and acts as their spy)
Sabina Demonia (partner to xyzqwa, which means she very well can be part of the gang)

There may be more (in fact I am sure their are move members in this gang, but these are the ones so far who I can testify).

When will the online harassment laws come to second life? I do not know. Maybe, when a class action lawsuit is levied against Linden Labs.