I like to highlight a very dishonest company here…

Electronet Co Ltd, in Mt Hope, Trinidad

The story.
My Air-conditioner (AC) was due for service, but I have not heard from my normal technician in some time. So decided to call in someone else. So I found this company in the telephone directory. Called them, and they seemed legit enough. On the day the technician came, I turned off my unit, which he turned on again before starting service. At this point the virtical flap was functioning. He took down the housing and various other parts; cleaned. Not the best job as when servicing indoor you have to be extra careful to avoid water spilling from spray. When re-assembled, the virtical flap mechanism was no longer functioning and their claim that they do not know if it was functioning before (a typical lie to avoid responsibility), and saying that they did not do anything that could have caused this (apart from maybe how they disconnected the wires from the disconnects). The company said they make a quotation to replace the part, which they didn’t nor do they accept responsibility for anything done under their care.

I know this is typical of service in Trinidad and Tobago. These gutless, scheming, dishonest people in Trinidad and Tobago is typical of their attitude of FUCK YOU to the customer. They do not care about repeat service, as for one thign I will fucking never call these fuckers again.

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