To ChloeGMoretz

To #ChloeGMoretz


Of the myriad girls in this world that I’ve seen,
Very few conjure within me, passionate dreams,
Golden tresses that frame thy beautiful face,
That encircle twin deep emerald pools in place,
Beneath exist lips whose guise, alludes passion divine,
Which onto Aphrodite does it radiate n’ outshine,
I know not if lust’s monomania that I see only thee,
But it is to thee, that I find my fervid dreams be,
If I could embrace thy frame in night’s rapture,
My heart will forever be yours to capture,
Carve your name in my heart
And my love will never from you part.

  • Dion

Ode to Chloe

An Ode to Chloe

Chloe, by virtue of thy visage divine
Inspiring dreams of thy heavenly frame
Deserving ye of thy justified fame

Grace, embraced by proclaim ye shine
Burning deep admiration to thee yearning
My affection within me, to thee, burning

If knowledge thee of the wound of Cupid’s bow
Blinded by thy blush lips’ radiant glow
Beyond reach, beyond to e’er closeness learn
The enchantment within my heart yearn
Recognition that it ever not be fulfilled
Least thy observation hast it willed
– Dion

An poem for Chloe to be sent to her on her 20th Birthday.

To Chloe 2016

To Chloe (2016)

I gaze upon a vision of pure desire
A vision bestowed within me, a fire
Fantasies run wild in my mind’s eye
Of passion with our bodies entwined

Exploring the virtues of your lips
And running my hand down your hips
To know the softness of your bosom
and tasting your flower’s wisdom

Communicating our passions instruments
With deep breaths ecstasy sentiments
Moving to our heated ebb and flow
striking deep within your flower

To be wrapped with your twin columns
Announcing the crest of my intent
And reach love’s grand ascendancy
of Chloe fantasy dreams pleasantly

2016 – Dion Mohammed

A romantic poem I written for Chloe Grace Moretz. More fantasy than reality. But she stirs passions with me.


A Flower in a Tomb

A Flower in a Tomb

2003, By Dion Mohammed

Within the heart of mankind looms
Darkness of a grey dismal tomb
Where seldom a light is seen
In a world that is seen as mean

Yet within this darkness is a bloom
One flower that opens coloured plumes
Contrasting the grey of its room
Spreading its light into its dark tomb.

It is true what they say
That even in the dark, dismal array
Love and life will find a way
Beckoning the light to shine today.


For Chloe

For Chloe

Characters, the trade you endeavor
Having a beauty that many savior
Lovely are words bestowed’n ye
Only humble thou are yet still be
Evermore will thy emanation gleam

Glaring your star brilliant accession
Radiantly gaining many a heart obsession
And not thou ye be imperious consumed
Courteous ye aesthetic be perfumed
Evermore will our veneration bestow

May ye beauty continue to flourish
O’er all that we may ever cherish
Ready to consume your preparation
Enamored by your beauty attraction
The pleasure to gaze on your seduction
Zestfully salivating at thy divine reflection

By Dion K. Mohammed
(2015 Feb 7)


Take Flight

Simple quick short poem for how I feel tonight.
Sunday September 9th 2012

Take Flight

– Dion Mohammed
(Dragonlord Warlock)

Silent whispers envelope the air
words beckoning lost in despair
Myst blow lazily though yon window
creeping into every corner and shadow

imagination mystery calls within
calling for exploration to begin
sensations fills darkly your every fear
your crepuscular anticipation become clear

Hallucinations hidden from light come into view
Cimmerian thoughts that others will never know
Intoxication like the wine of a dark flavor
Drunken you with your heart’s nebulous desires

Enliven your spirit free from light’s chains
Uncompensated from the camaraderies glare
Freedom finally to spread thy atrocious wings
And take flight as a creature of the night.

For Jenni

For Jenni

Hair softly golden falls ov’r
As she sweeps them over her shoulder
Eyes glows blue as a ocean shore
Her smile opens ones’ heart-door

Glows her aura as a dream envisioned
A fantasy of dream’s perfection
Her hands soft touch makes perfect
Rerutns hearts whose beats reflect

T’is dream to be caressed in her arms
And to fall pray to her beauty’n charm
Softly it’s a dream I wish not waken
Because to Jenni my hearts taken.

(2012 – Dion Mohammed/Dragonlord Warlock)
A poem composed for Jenni, a very beautiful exotic model.

A work out in constraint

This is my first exercise into writing a constrained poem. In this case I took the same route as “Gadsby” by Ernest Vincent Wright; where he never used a single letter “e” in the entire work. This being my first effot will therefore not be perfect.

A work out in constraint
(c) May 4th 2006

I sit and allow my mind to drift
Through many thoughts do I sift
Looking for words that I might draft
Into a wordsmith’s craft.

Racking my mind do fully constrain
Agonizing thoughts through my brain
Words stab into my skin, sharp as iron
Words that I form a composition.

But alas a distant island’s horizon
Draws my longing rational ambition
A fantasy that grows into fruitation
That which do burst forth my satisfaction.

To know that I could birth such a grand rock
Which stands as a my triumph, and not just luck.

An Ode to Sherry

An Ode to Sherry

A sonnet describing my feelings and friendship to my best friend in the world.

The mysicial grace of your quintessence
Equivocate a poet’s delibrate presentment
Thy artistry brilliance in your presence
Disconsolately wished while you’re absent.

Genuinely I declare amity conscientiously
Supplementary towards normal consonance
Conceivablely inamorata I am subordinately
Infequent personages, profoundly I reverence.

I would remorse not, if partisans were we
But in benevolence, I sincerely acquiense
And comprehend that we contemporaneously
demand supplementary then life accordance.

But in these disputation know it legitmate
To have know you, I’ll always consider myself fortunate.

– Dion Mohammed
(March 30th, 2006)

Friend into Lover

Friend into Lover
Thursday, August 30, 2001

My life is a strange twist of fates
A game to which I was invited late
A journey that has been very long
That can be words to every sad song

I seeked a light to smile upon me
Looked and never found that she
Times I thought I found my goal
Only to be thorn body and soul

Blinded by passion I could not see
That there was no true honesty
Led to my heart a bleeding and broken
Weeping at the toll taken

And through it all there was one
A friend that stood and listened
A friend who saw the true me
And weeped along with me

A friend I learned knew how to care
One with a heart true and dear
A true beauty beyond all compare
No truer woman can be she

One I learned I would stand beside
If only she would will me to be
Will this one be the heart I seeked
To the fates I plead for my sake

I would if I could wipe her tears
And take all the pain she endures
I take them along with mine
To see the joy of her smile