Red Cross Rant

Rant Time Again

This time it the Red Cross, however I can only rant about the meeting I attended and will never attend another Red Cross meeting again. Not only, was I granted a cold, which I am now suffering from. My experience, left me with a taste that this organization is full of bullshit, crap and enough kissed butt cheeks that I am sure some of those butts are ruby red with lipstick.

I really do not know where to start, what peeves me more about my attendance at this meeting. For one, I am glad I am not a member, and from attending, I will NEVER join this crappy organization.

I guess, my school thought that this would provide something useful for school application. It was no such thing. This meeting was essentially a self-congratulatory “masturbation” event. An event to blow their own horn, how great they are and to award themselves with tokens of appreciation. A total waste of my time attending. I detest functions who purpose is so the organization can kiss its own ass. Some people might like attended these crap events, but I am a doer, and prompt and ass kissing is not my forte.

As a side note, I also suffered a diabetic episode from not eating on time, as the event did not break for “lunch” till about nearly 2:00pm, which weakens me enough that contributed possibly for me to get whatever cold I am now suffering from as well.

Another disgusting thing is the cult like group events. Such as having to form a huge circle, arms crossed across your body and holding the hand of the persons next to you. WHAT A TOTAL FUCKING PIECE OF NONSENSE SHIT IS THIS? It was uncomfortable, it was totally useless action that serves what no purpose. I dislike activities like this, as it only signifies the group wants to seem to be a “community” with a “commonality” but in reality is just full of BULLCRAP.

Is this really the way, the red cross does its internal stuff across the globe, or is this a bullshit only local to my country.


Rough waters of attraction

It tough being a guy, because you find attractive girls who could be as young as 16, and so you have to consciously say too yourself that she too young, even if you like what you see… I know there some guys that not an issue as they go after anyone regardless of age. But having a high self concept to live up too creates a dissonance between basal desires and moral conjecture.

For example, I have found Chloe Moretz, attractive before she turned 18 in 2015. But could not express that I was infatuated with the facets of her features. After 18, it was a little more acceptable to admit that her beauty inspires my more basal desires. It is also in my opinion more acceptable as she would not be an issue other than admiration.

Balancing desire and morality is a tense issue with some men. I someones wonder how honest are those who claim no attraction to younger women. Ephebophilia by definition is the exclusive sexual interest to mid to late adolescents (15-19), the key being exclusive and not finding older women attractive, so being attractive to a young woman of such age is not inherently wrong. But finding it exclusively to that group is where an issue arises. Thus one can postulate that if a balanced male, says he has no such attraction, his honesty may be questioned.

The dailymail online, (, sensationalized it by headlining it as alarming as the average age was calculated from okCupid as 22. What is neglected, is a detailed evaluation of the reasons, which could have more at issue than age.

Which brings me to a point, having been on dating sites. It is rather difficult to find attractive women, older than 25. Admittedly, men are a little superficial and physical attraction plays an important role. But, men are also judged, as my experiences seem to indicate.

The truth is, attraction and relationships are extraordinarily complex, and hanging political correctness onto the issue, just makes it even more a problem. We need to stop labeling and judging and let two consenting adults, regardless of age difference, attempt to find happiness in one another.

Addendum: I do not suffer from Ephebophilia, because I am also attracted to older women. Jenni Czech and others.

My Opinion

There a are some things that disappoint me and make me lose faith in humanity. Recent events and statements all contribute to my feeling of despondence. To express this issue, I am going to be candid, honest and frank about my feelings, likes, dislikes, beliefs and it may offend some, but nothing is going to change my mind.

So let’s begin…

As most may know I am East Indian with heritage connections via family to Christian, Hindu and Islamic cultures, of which I reject them all in favor for the real truth of science as explanations to everything that exists in the universe. I have in the past followed pagan and magic traditions and have great respect for followers of these and friends with those who practice those traditions. I value them more than any other culture. This includes the vampire subculture, which will shock many of you that this exists. And while I am getting old, gray, the subculture I feel more in tune with is the Gothic subculture rather than the local trini or other culture. Thus I get pissed off with anyone that promote their religious zealot propaganda. I have no respect for oriole who refuse to let others be themselves. You have no right to tell anyone what the should believe nor tell them they should perish for believing any set of ideals when such ideals hurt no one.

I am a firm beloved in equality of the sexes and that everyone deserves the same level of respect, be they be male, female or gay. Everybody is a person with feelings, desires, burdens which they carry. It not easy as it is and they all deserve the same respect and rights as everyone else. I also believe in racial equality, no one is better than anyone else, there no better ethnicity than any other. I’ve seen some things of late that if true is grassy wrong, such as white shaming, black egocentric or pleas for past wrongs, gone generation see ago. I make it clear there is nothing wrong with whatever ethnic background you have, be it white, black, brown, yellow or any colour of the rainbow. Respect everyone. I seen a video promoting ethnic dissolution on grounds of multiculturalism that is so wrong on many levels. Forcing such is wrong, let people and cultures be and not forced into ones idea of ethnic evolution. And yes, I do like blonde, blue eyed white girls but I would not want her, if the reason was not love but any kind of ethnic disintegration.

I do not care for anyone that pushes any idea or propaganda idea on anyone based on belief or hearsay or unproven beliefs, especially if they are too lazy to get the unbiased facts about a topic, for example, all the anti coke, anti GMO, anti whatever who have no science background nor scientific proof to validate their claim and going on their own self assumption or sourced from the pulpit of false disinformation.

I must mention that I dislike propaganda and the myriad of conspiracies that many seem to love to propagate. And none have any proof to any claim that can be substantiated and based purely on hate. They are no different than the terrorism that gripping our planet and would cheer for further bloodshed. Do not get me wrong, in my younger days, I myself believed that carpet bombing the entire middle east would solve humanity’s problems. But that is an idea of youth and inexperience. The world is a complex place where such actions would lead into a spiral of further death and destruction. At the same time, I still approve of covert actions such as the CIA and other covert security organizations, in trying to fix situations that have potential to get worse. It is far better to have one person disappear than have to clean up the blood of a thousand.

Finally, I support the western idealism, born of the ideas from the Greeks, two-three thousand years ago. I believe in the freedom of expression, of life and liberty. No one has any right to tell you what to believe, what to say, or what to do. The fact is this is the only life we have, there is no other, none after. Unfortunately, we live in a world that thinks otherwise, and willing to throw this existence into the fire, for ideas that are as worthwhile as a load of manure. Freedom is our birth-right, it the product of enlightenment and the evolution of the higher form of mankind. The mankind we need to take us into the future and to the stars. As long as we stay tangled in the cobwebs of primitive cultures and mindsets, we doom our world and our civilization. If these despot ideas become staple of greater mankind, then it time we go the way of the dinosaur and give some other creature the chance to evolve to take our place and maybe not get blogged down with the fundamentalism, feudalism, and the many other scourges that our fellow humans befall our species.


Are we all hedonistic?

Are we all hedonistic?

Are we all hedonistic but constrained by the requirement of working and earning a living? Indeed, many of us would love to indulge in the pursuit of pleasure, good food, drink, sexual satisfaction and fascinations. But we are limited by lives we live in.

Indeed it seems only the privileged are privy to this life that the money can afford them, while we wait on the sidelines to provide either directly or indirectly the services that allow them to follow the whims of pleasure. One can therefore conclude that life is indeed unfair as it allows a disproportionate amount of pleasure to be levied in their direction and the pain in ours.

This injustice has been the focus addressed in many religious and political systems. Most of these systems however, try to eliminate the pleasure in favor of the universality of pain; ensuring equality in the drudgery of life.

Technology and the sciences have seeked to do the opposite of these systems, make life easier and provide more pleasure, but it comes at a cost and they still do not totally encompass ever aspect of pleasure we seek in our lives. The sad fact that what limits us from achieving the pleasure in every aspect of our lives is constrained in the economic reality of supply and demand. There is only so much pleasure in supply and the demand is high.

Therefore, the only way we will ever achieve life on our terms is the elimination of limited supply. Can we eliminate it? That is a bigger question, as a technologist I would say it is a possibility when the technological singularity occurs, when machines overtake us and create enough supply where money and other limiting factors become obsolete (Providing our technological children do not deem us a burden and eliminate us).

But will this freedom to indulge in our hedonistic lifestyles mean we loose the ability to direct and control our lives and freedoms. In Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, we have a hedonistic society that in its pursuit of pleasure, has abandoned individualism, love, and other aspects that has been generated because of rarity. What use are these when every other pleasure in your life is fulfilled? Is the sacrifice worth the pursuit, perhaps not. Maybe a compromise is needed, but as an observer of humanity, I see we may quicker fulfill this Brave New World.

The Paranormal Con Game

I’ve often found that paranormal investigative reality shows to be overwhelmingly stupid. All the supposed “IR” shots of their faces and their reactions and never any credible shot of what is being investigated. But, what I slowly realized is they all one huge buddy system scam. Not to deceive the audience but to deceive the studio that fitting the bill for production. To highlight what I mean, most of these shows on the sy-fy channel currently are being canceled, this is post a change in management of the channel. Which makes me wonder if the people who had the reigns previously worked in tandem with shows like Destination Truth to milk the parent company and produce these substandard shows. The argument prior was that these “crap” shows were to fulfill air-time so that they can invest into better syfy shows and indeed it seemed the case at the time with shows like the American version of “Being Human”. But since the change in syfy echelons, we started getting more movies, the cancellation of crap shows like Destination Truth (in its last season) and continued production of worthwhile shows like Helix. The only thing I can see (and I might be wrong) is that the change, no longer can these con-men and their contact in syfy programming can pull the blanket over everyone eyes, and so these rats have started to run or are being thrown overboard. We might eventually get back what the Sci-Fi Channel used to be. And good riddance of these snake oil salesmen. (at least I hope so).

Taradai Joseph

Why I hate some religious people…. My principal today pulled me aside in the classroom I was teaching to tell me that I should not be drinking diet soft drinks, that drinking a soft drink was sending a bad message to the children who have been banned from drinking soft drinks. She even acknowledged that many doctors have no problems with diabetics drinking these, but she fortified her argument using the advice from a nutritionist. FYI, a nutritionist have no medical qualifications and cannot dream of calling themselves a doctor, nor do they have a background in science or the human body. This is why most nutritionist diets do not work, they are reading the latest garbage from their field but with no background in clinical studies and scientific study of the human body. Of course, the real reason is these are stuff that been brainwashed from the evangelical bent of the Principal and the nonsense that being pushed from sources with no scientific credibility especially if they use so called “scientific” advice from known quacks such as Dr. Mercola who does not have a real medical doctorate.
Also, her advice is drink juice and if not… then water. Juice which is like almost drinking poison to a diabetic. And as anyone knows sometimes you need something other than water…. so I call this BULLSHIT!
Additionally, I and my fellow teachers are adults, what we eat is our personal business and it is crossing the boundaries of professionalism when you venture into our personal lives that does not affect our teaching responsibilities.
So, Mrs. Tara Joseph…. FUCK YOU AND YOUR BULLSHIT, and next time you try that again I rip you a new asshole.

What do I believe in?

What do I believe?


I have always had a problem of a duality to my mind. The rational and the supernatural and I have never been able to satisfy the duality within me. To illustrate the problem, I will express some of the deeply held peculiarities that create this dilemma that fractures my consciousness.

Generally, I consider myself a scientist, a rational person that rejects many superstitions and beliefs. I will say that in my younger days I was an avid believer in ghosts, spirits, UFOs and aliens. I’ve have dabbled in everything from Christianity to witchcraft and in between there includes some simplistic forms of Buddhism. I have rejected many of these as I have accepted based on logic the sciences and the demand of valid proof for extraordinary claims when it clear that there is much simpler logic in the sciences explanation of the world and how things came to be. I generally do not call myself an atheist because from my experiences of the atheist trolls on you-tube that they can be just as much a bunch of zealous idiots as the religious they are so anally resistant against. Thus, since I based what I believe in science and not on empty word games and dogmatic hate, I refuse to set my stake into the atheist camp. I therefore call myself a scientist. After all, I am a programmer with a background and love for physics and the sciences, and an avid reader of some really hard science that dive into matter, reality and the world we live in as far as science has been able to take us to the boundaries of what we theorize about the nature of reality.

The duality comes in when I admit that I have had experiences that do not fit into the nature of science. As I will relate. Some years ago, I entered my bedroom and was quite aware of the sound of chanting voices. I could perceive them as well as I hear an automobile passing outside. Of course, like anyone, I was scared out of my wits when this experience occurred. I made not hesitation to leave that room, head downstairs and put the television on and try to forget that I had experienced. Eventually returning to the room when I was drained do to the lack of sleep wherein I crashed into bed and slept. The peculiar aspects of this experience is as follows. I am not Native American, I am of East Indian by heritage, but the chanting at the time unknown to me, I eventually discovered to be a dialect of the Cherokee language that was being recited by these ghostly old voices. Why did I experience this occurrence? It has no logical connection with my life experience. I cannot logically explain nor can I replicate this experience. I do not think I suffer from any sort of schizophrenia that would give credence to this occurrence. I do not consider myself insane nor is this the only strange experience in my lifetime. Many of which, are generally counter to the established religious dogma that exist in the world today.

So where does all this leaves me? I have sometimes no idea. I adore and accept the foundations of science and reason. It explains everything I can observe in the world around me, from the subatomic to the galaxies and beyond. It makes sense, it is logical and can be proven true and it can explain everything that most people can conjecture or propose a challenge. Yet, hanging in the cobwebs of my consciousness are experiences I cannot logically explain or give meaning to. How do I reconcile these two opposing halves within. Do I accept one and reject the other or do I accept both and throw reason out of the window, something that I cannot do as it is a useful tool that explains the real world we live in. This leads me to again ask myself…. what is it do I believe in?


Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

There was a time when I was younger when I believed in the supernatural, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and Religion. There was a time I had in my possession photo images of the MJ12 documents, which I shared with a UFO Website, whose author didn’t know about them nor have ever seen them. Now I cannot even locate those images in any of my backups from my various computers I used in the past.


Growing up, I had a copy of Charles Berlitz’s The Bermuda Triangle (which a friend borrowed and never returned) and various other books by said author. Back then I was a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge about Extraterrestrials, Rosswell and Area-51. I was so good on the topic I could espouse on it and have everyone engrossed in the room. I would illustrate connections between civilizations, shared myths and connection of various similar words between peoples thousands of miles apart.


I wanted desperately to see and encounter a UFO but not to be probed but as an intellectual equal and share exploration of the universe with them. Yes, I loved the sciences but back then I did not develop the critical analytical skills and the burning desire for proof and fact.


If the tarot is a symbolic representation of the development and passage of a person in phases of their life, then back then I passed through both the Fool (blind faith) and the Magician (deception). The education system didn’t really teach one to be critical about what one receives and are exposed to in their lives, thus many times I believed whatever information was directed towards me. I consumed it all eagerly and never asked questions about belief. I never questioned the evidence and I never questioned the validity of the sources. The fact is that most of the foundations of these beliefs required no evidence and would not hold up to scientific inquiry, but I was not awakened at the time.


It was not until later in my life (mid 30s or maybe early 30s) did I start to question the canons of which what I believed was based upon. What I found was that I knew nothing as fact, nothing as true and could be proven to be true. And if one thing was not true, what were the other things that were not true? What proofs and facts existed and what could be verified became the Occam’s Razor that would murder the supernatural tenants that I once held to as dogma. The shackles of the spoon fed lies dropped by the wayside and discovered along the way a more critical version of myself. I became more concerned with the integrity of truth and not the belief of truth.


Today, I find myself surrounded by people that believe many things without any critical view of what they being fed. I see students in the school I work, believe in the satanic pop stars and calling them Illuminati, not even knowing what were the Illuminati in history. All being fed propaganda, but it not just these ignorant little chaps but adults as well. My own mother, falls victim to doomsayers in the visual and printed media. I have co-workers who believe all kinds of weird pseudoscience and other mumbo jumbo. And they look at me as being weird for not believing the manure they do or the fact that I question it and take evidence that these things they believe as signs have been around for a long time (such as sink holes). Their imaginations have gone wild and misguided by misinformation and fraudulent claims that in many cases are classified as arguments from authority, which is a fallacy as it does not require evidence or proof.


We live today in a world where there is much propaganda and false information being fed and it not the weird stuff like UFOs. Conspiracy theories have become mainstream. Crackpot medical experts are abound and supported by self righteous, delusional grandeur seeking celebrities; all exposing “Do not listen to science, we uneducated know more…”


My taste in women.

What is my ideal woman.
Version 1.0

1. I do not like overweight women. They do not have to be skinny but if they have plenty real estate, I am not buying.
2. I prefer women who are aesthetically cute facially, pout lips and vixen facial features can go pout somewhere else.
3. I do like blond women but generally all Caucasians (anthropological defination not modern racial defination) attractive but I do like Asians as well, however Africans and African looking women, I do not find attractive.

1. I do not like women that over-sexualiize themselves, who blatantly expose and prostitute themselves in order to consider themselves attractive. Sluts go home.
2. I do not like women who think duck faces makes themselves look attractive. Ducks are ugly and so are you when you duck pout for the camera.
3. I like women who have a sense of style, who innovate their fashion to be unique and enhance their tastes and dispositions. Yes, that includes goth girls.

Intelligence etc.
1. I do not like dumb people, you should have enough intelligence where I wont be bored having a conversation with you. If the most important thing you can talk about is what some celebrity slut is wearing, then you can take a long walk off a cliff, in other words if you’re Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton, then go do some base jumping without a parachute.
2. She must have a sense of self esteem and self worth. There is nothing more frustrating than having to ego boost someone who refuses to acknowledge their own good attributes.
3. She must be outgoing, good manners but willing to be adventurous as well as loving and dedicated to the person she loves. Shallow women are not welcome if you are only in it for what you can get out of the relationship alone.

* Caucasians from the anthropological standpoint does not mean “white” as indo-aryans and many other ethnicities fall under this classification.