An example of Leadership gone wrong

An example of Leadership gone wrong

Some people should never be put in leadership but sometimes they do, in fact one might wonder whose genitalia they sucked to get that position. Some years ago, there was someone put into leadership at the place I worked. Her motto was divide and rule, bring everyone down, back stab and use the institute resources towards her own gains. As we, not allowed to give details to the public. I will withhold names, but I am sure some of people I work with will know this vile, evil (b)witch. Just by reading between the lines of this post.

I was in charge of the computer lab at the time she was appointed into position. Her first point of administration was to attempt to prevent communication among the staff. She did not want me to communicate or associate with others and others to me. That I worked for her and not as a fellow member of staff. However, she saw my expertise to be useful and started dragging me to speeches she conducted that was not part of the institute focus but her own personal agenda and quest for recognition.

At this time, I had an old copy of Microsoft Office, that I installed on the school computers, including in the administrative office, that was therefore illegally in use in the office or even on the compound. The institute did not have a legal right to that software, as none was ever purchased. I was too “helpful” at the time, to “loan” them the software, which did teach me one lesson, however lacking a workplace is, never volunteer personal resources.

Another factor was I was becoming diabetic, and was going through nerve damage in my feet, so at this point standing for long periods was extremely painful to me. But everyone was forced to attend assembly (which lasted about one hour) and stand, I was ridiculed by this same administrative leader for trying to find an off center place to sit, and relieve my pain. Which was unbearable.

I should point out that classes for students were considered optional by this leader, who preferred classes canceled in favor of her own agendas.

Things came to a confrontation when this same person decided that not only was anyone allowed to visit me but I could not stay at my station during lunch sessions, and had to vacate, where there was no staff room to go. That I would most likely have to sit on a bench and eat lunch till lunch was over before I could go back to my desk.

This was the last straw, to which I removed the software I “loaned”, handed in my keys to the computer room and requested assignment to a class. An action did did not expected such a strong protest. She said she was going to report me for “sabotaging” the computer, but as there no warrant case of sabotage, she never did or else she have to explain how operations was being conducted illegally.

The computer room was put in charge of a trainee who had absolutely no idea of information technology and was teaching for information technology the colors of the electricity truck and considered computers to be electrical machines, in the same class of a drill or a water pump. But she was on the stupid side and was under the wing of this administrator.

Many of the staff disliked this person, but a few like in most staffs do contain ass kissers, who will take abuse and continue kissing.

She became very aware of the hatred she created, and so departed administration in secret over a vacation period to avoid the pile of crap she created.

The point is, there exist truly evil people in this world, that of course pretend to be very christian, but are as vile as a putrid cesspit. And they run from the mess they make in order to create new ones.


I like to highlight a very dishonest company here…

Electronet Co Ltd, in Mt Hope, Trinidad

The story.
My Air-conditioner (AC) was due for service, but I have not heard from my normal technician in some time. So decided to call in someone else. So I found this company in the telephone directory. Called them, and they seemed legit enough. On the day the technician came, I turned off my unit, which he turned on again before starting service. At this point the virtical flap was functioning. He took down the housing and various other parts; cleaned. Not the best job as when servicing indoor you have to be extra careful to avoid water spilling from spray. When re-assembled, the virtical flap mechanism was no longer functioning and their claim that they do not know if it was functioning before (a typical lie to avoid responsibility), and saying that they did not do anything that could have caused this (apart from maybe how they disconnected the wires from the disconnects). The company said they make a quotation to replace the part, which they didn’t nor do they accept responsibility for anything done under their care.

I know this is typical of service in Trinidad and Tobago. These gutless, scheming, dishonest people in Trinidad and Tobago is typical of their attitude of FUCK YOU to the customer. They do not care about repeat service, as for one thign I will fucking never call these fuckers again.

#dishonest #scheming #Electronet #Aircondition #Service

Second Life: Asshole Griefers (or those that get a kick off harassing other people)

In the real world, if someone do the stuff these assholes do they get arrested. But unfortunately in Second Life, the Linden Labs admins do not seem to care or attempt to stop this behavior. I am not talking about having a disagreement with another person, these people target you in public places or if they move next to your second life residence they aim becomes one where they go out of their way to harass you. You do not have to do anything to them, they do it on their own and provoke the trouble.

Most of the time it can be easy to ignore but sometimes it is so blatantly targeted at you, you cannot ignore it. I am in one such problem with a gang of them (and while it now a little quiet as I had to block any attempts to contact me in second life, I have had to ban and block them even accessing my land and airspace.

I will post their names here as I want everyone to know who these assholes are.

xyzqwa resident
Folf Fairport
Helmutg resident
Amygdalala resident (who does not do the attacking but close friends to the attackers and acts as their spy)
Sabina Demonia (partner to xyzqwa, which means she very well can be part of the gang)

There may be more (in fact I am sure their are move members in this gang, but these are the ones so far who I can testify).

When will the online harassment laws come to second life? I do not know. Maybe, when a class action lawsuit is levied against Linden Labs.


Racism alive and well in T&T

Racism alive and well in T&T.

So I just got home and drove into my yard and was closing my gate, and this negro guy reversed to where I had just closed my gate and exclaimed: “You r U.N.C.”

For those that do not know U.N.C. is a political party that perceived as an Indian party, and some like to believe that the current party in government, the P.N.M. is a negro party.

I do not have any U.N.C. banners, colours or any U.N.C. symbolism, other than being of East Indian decent. In fact, I dislike the politics in Trinidad and Tobago for the basal, racial and socio-political divisions they manifest.

I never told the guy a word. I had on a native american/pagan t-shirt, my hair is purple, a black jeans, the only thing is that I am East Indian.

So in essence, as I am East Indian, he perceives me with political stereotyping based on the race politics that the ignorant masses follow blindly and know not how they are being manipulated by the parties involved. Again reinforcing my opinion of the mindlessness of the typical Trinbagoian who have the racism integrated into psychological and social behaviour that is fostered by this shit island sociological and political forces.

‪#‎Trinis_r_stupid‬ ‪#‎Racism_in_TnT‬ ‪#‎Racism‬ ‪#‎Politics‬


Unreliable User Analysis on Facebook

So I let the Apply Magic Sauce – Prediction API from the University of Cambridge and its results are disappointing and shows how unreliable some of these on-line face-book analysis apps are.

The following were my results (includes comments)

Age: 28 (that was 19 years ago)

Psychological Gender: Male 84% (Ok guess I suppose)

Big 5 Personality

Openness 88% – Liberal and Artistic (which is good)
Conscientiousness 36% – Impulsive and Spontaneous (I wager they wrong on this)
Extroversion 4% – Contemplative (Sounds about right)
Agreeableness 14% – Competitive (Only sometimes, so this is not accurate)
Neuroticism 60% – Easily Stressed and Emotional (There is an aspect of me that is that but I am left brained and that is highly controlled and not as this displays)

Intelligence 79% – Average (do they know I have an IQ of 137?)
#You are more intelligent than 79% of the population (might be right there)

Life Satisfaction 28% – Average (Lets say there a lot more I want out of life)
Political Orientation

Sexual Preference 1 out of 100 men with your Likes are Gay (Really? You got to be shitting me, and I am Straight)

Political Orientation
Uninvolved 36%
Liberal 21%
Conservative 20%
Libertarian 23%
(about right I hate politics)

Religious Orientation
Christian Other 12%
None 80%
Mormon 2%
Catholic 4%
Jewish 1%
Lutheran 1%
(Spot on there mate)

Art 43%
Psychology 12%
IT 10%
Journalism 8%
Business 5%
Engineering 5%
Law 4%
Biology 4%
History 4%
Nursing 3%
Finance 2%
Education 1%
(IT should be at the top of the list)

Relationship Status
Single 53%
Married 15%
In a relationship 32%
(They right about me being single but the others are surprisingly too high)

So essentially they close but where they are wrong, they are so very wrong. And in case you do not know, demographic information like this is done on every one of us on face-book, it what corporations are learning from us and our use of face-book. This is what we have signed away our privacy to them, including being very inaccurate information about us.

Red Cross Rant

Rant Time Again

This time it the Red Cross, however I can only rant about the meeting I attended and will never attend another Red Cross meeting again. Not only, was I granted a cold, which I am now suffering from. My experience, left me with a taste that this organization is full of bullshit, crap and enough kissed butt cheeks that I am sure some of those butts are ruby red with lipstick.

I really do not know where to start, what peeves me more about my attendance at this meeting. For one, I am glad I am not a member, and from attending, I will NEVER join this crappy organization.

I guess, my school thought that this would provide something useful for school application. It was no such thing. This meeting was essentially a self-congratulatory “masturbation” event. An event to blow their own horn, how great they are and to award themselves with tokens of appreciation. A total waste of my time attending. I detest functions who purpose is so the organization can kiss its own ass. Some people might like attended these crap events, but I am a doer, and prompt and ass kissing is not my forte.

As a side note, I also suffered a diabetic episode from not eating on time, as the event did not break for “lunch” till about nearly 2:00pm, which weakens me enough that contributed possibly for me to get whatever cold I am now suffering from as well.

Another disgusting thing is the cult like group events. Such as having to form a huge circle, arms crossed across your body and holding the hand of the persons next to you. WHAT A TOTAL FUCKING PIECE OF NONSENSE SHIT IS THIS? It was uncomfortable, it was totally useless action that serves what no purpose. I dislike activities like this, as it only signifies the group wants to seem to be a “community” with a “commonality” but in reality is just full of BULLCRAP.

Is this really the way, the red cross does its internal stuff across the globe, or is this a bullshit only local to my country.


Trini Woman Rant 15 Feb 2016

Trinidadian women are a particular annoying breed. Well some are, those that are opinionated and a tad stupid and not realizing how insulting they are.

Example 1: This woman came to gossip about another woman she saw in a meeting with grayish blue hair…. so what if she woman wanted to dye her hair blue. It her right as long as it does not offend anyone. My hair is purple, does that make me “strange”, no it just means I am brave enough to express myself and a color that is cool. Mind you, this same gossiping woman has a few strands of blond buried in her African hair. Hypocrisy is rampant in some Trini women.

Example 2: My Senior teacher was down on me of whether or not I (can) cook. I told her yes I do, but in her mind cooking means Callaloo and other Trini foods, something I do not eat. I told her I made burritos on Sunday, but I guess she did not understand, that I made it from scratch, not from a can, not from a frozen packet. But why do I need to justify my abilities to anyone that it is not any of their concern. Then she mentioned something about a woman. I cut her short on that as that is another issue. I do not need a woman to cook Trini food for me, as I do not want any, nor do I need a woman to cook for me generally. I can take care of myself. A woman in my life is to be my companion, the fact that there is none in my life, is just how the fates have brought me to this date. Of course, I am opinionated on who I want in my life and that contributes that there none yet, as to date no Trini-woman has reached my sense of ideals.

I do not know why they are so “fast” and hypocritical. No wonder I am not interested in any of them.

My Opinion

There a are some things that disappoint me and make me lose faith in humanity. Recent events and statements all contribute to my feeling of despondence. To express this issue, I am going to be candid, honest and frank about my feelings, likes, dislikes, beliefs and it may offend some, but nothing is going to change my mind.

So let’s begin…

As most may know I am East Indian with heritage connections via family to Christian, Hindu and Islamic cultures, of which I reject them all in favor for the real truth of science as explanations to everything that exists in the universe. I have in the past followed pagan and magic traditions and have great respect for followers of these and friends with those who practice those traditions. I value them more than any other culture. This includes the vampire subculture, which will shock many of you that this exists. And while I am getting old, gray, the subculture I feel more in tune with is the Gothic subculture rather than the local trini or other culture. Thus I get pissed off with anyone that promote their religious zealot propaganda. I have no respect for oriole who refuse to let others be themselves. You have no right to tell anyone what the should believe nor tell them they should perish for believing any set of ideals when such ideals hurt no one.

I am a firm beloved in equality of the sexes and that everyone deserves the same level of respect, be they be male, female or gay. Everybody is a person with feelings, desires, burdens which they carry. It not easy as it is and they all deserve the same respect and rights as everyone else. I also believe in racial equality, no one is better than anyone else, there no better ethnicity than any other. I’ve seen some things of late that if true is grassy wrong, such as white shaming, black egocentric or pleas for past wrongs, gone generation see ago. I make it clear there is nothing wrong with whatever ethnic background you have, be it white, black, brown, yellow or any colour of the rainbow. Respect everyone. I seen a video promoting ethnic dissolution on grounds of multiculturalism that is so wrong on many levels. Forcing such is wrong, let people and cultures be and not forced into ones idea of ethnic evolution. And yes, I do like blonde, blue eyed white girls but I would not want her, if the reason was not love but any kind of ethnic disintegration.

I do not care for anyone that pushes any idea or propaganda idea on anyone based on belief or hearsay or unproven beliefs, especially if they are too lazy to get the unbiased facts about a topic, for example, all the anti coke, anti GMO, anti whatever who have no science background nor scientific proof to validate their claim and going on their own self assumption or sourced from the pulpit of false disinformation.

I must mention that I dislike propaganda and the myriad of conspiracies that many seem to love to propagate. And none have any proof to any claim that can be substantiated and based purely on hate. They are no different than the terrorism that gripping our planet and would cheer for further bloodshed. Do not get me wrong, in my younger days, I myself believed that carpet bombing the entire middle east would solve humanity’s problems. But that is an idea of youth and inexperience. The world is a complex place where such actions would lead into a spiral of further death and destruction. At the same time, I still approve of covert actions such as the CIA and other covert security organizations, in trying to fix situations that have potential to get worse. It is far better to have one person disappear than have to clean up the blood of a thousand.

Finally, I support the western idealism, born of the ideas from the Greeks, two-three thousand years ago. I believe in the freedom of expression, of life and liberty. No one has any right to tell you what to believe, what to say, or what to do. The fact is this is the only life we have, there is no other, none after. Unfortunately, we live in a world that thinks otherwise, and willing to throw this existence into the fire, for ideas that are as worthwhile as a load of manure. Freedom is our birth-right, it the product of enlightenment and the evolution of the higher form of mankind. The mankind we need to take us into the future and to the stars. As long as we stay tangled in the cobwebs of primitive cultures and mindsets, we doom our world and our civilization. If these despot ideas become staple of greater mankind, then it time we go the way of the dinosaur and give some other creature the chance to evolve to take our place and maybe not get blogged down with the fundamentalism, feudalism, and the many other scourges that our fellow humans befall our species.


Are we all hedonistic?

Are we all hedonistic?

Are we all hedonistic but constrained by the requirement of working and earning a living? Indeed, many of us would love to indulge in the pursuit of pleasure, good food, drink, sexual satisfaction and fascinations. But we are limited by lives we live in.

Indeed it seems only the privileged are privy to this life that the money can afford them, while we wait on the sidelines to provide either directly or indirectly the services that allow them to follow the whims of pleasure. One can therefore conclude that life is indeed unfair as it allows a disproportionate amount of pleasure to be levied in their direction and the pain in ours.

This injustice has been the focus addressed in many religious and political systems. Most of these systems however, try to eliminate the pleasure in favor of the universality of pain; ensuring equality in the drudgery of life.

Technology and the sciences have seeked to do the opposite of these systems, make life easier and provide more pleasure, but it comes at a cost and they still do not totally encompass ever aspect of pleasure we seek in our lives. The sad fact that what limits us from achieving the pleasure in every aspect of our lives is constrained in the economic reality of supply and demand. There is only so much pleasure in supply and the demand is high.

Therefore, the only way we will ever achieve life on our terms is the elimination of limited supply. Can we eliminate it? That is a bigger question, as a technologist I would say it is a possibility when the technological singularity occurs, when machines overtake us and create enough supply where money and other limiting factors become obsolete (Providing our technological children do not deem us a burden and eliminate us).

But will this freedom to indulge in our hedonistic lifestyles mean we loose the ability to direct and control our lives and freedoms. In Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, we have a hedonistic society that in its pursuit of pleasure, has abandoned individualism, love, and other aspects that has been generated because of rarity. What use are these when every other pleasure in your life is fulfilled? Is the sacrifice worth the pursuit, perhaps not. Maybe a compromise is needed, but as an observer of humanity, I see we may quicker fulfill this Brave New World.

Religious stupidity

So today during Religious Instruction we had the R.I. person from the  adjacent class come to talk to the boys.

The amount of garbage he shoved out of his mouth was monumental.

Lets start with Light and Dark, he asked if any of the boys liked the dark and two boys raised their hands which he expressed that those boys liked evil more than good (paraphrased). That everyone should like the “light”/”day”.

Then he kept on orbiting the idea of Darwin as being a philosopher from his “research”. He asked me twice if I knew Darwin. Of course, I do and is not a philosopher, he a scientist, specifically he was a naturalist and geologist. But essentially his dismissal of the science of evolution that Darwin observed was a thought. Sorry, but it is not a thought, it is fact and while all Darwin could observe at the time was physical traits we know now he was essentially right from DNA analysis. As for asking me twice, I guess he has no idea he talking to someone who into science and from a scientific background, and have seen the stupid claims he making time and time again.

Unfortunately, one needs to keep quiet as not to burst the bubble of the insanity of Religious Instruction.

Other hogwash, he specifically said to the boys include the idea that the sun was two thousand years old. Yeah, you heard right, two thousand… In other words before Christ (if he even existed) there was no sun. So taking his words to ransom, the Egyptians, Greeks etc lived in perpetual darkness literally. This is not even a biblical claim which guesses at six thousand even when reality has shown time again that it more like 4 billion.

Another claim was the designed idea of the Earth being just in the right place. A fallacy argument that is well known to me, in that the Earth is not in THE ONE SPOT (that does not exist), we are in the habitable zone which ranges from about Venus to Mars, which is why Mars is similar to Earth but took a nose dive because it was unable to maintain a viable atmosphere. The fine tuned argument is one of the biggest fallacies around with respect to the earth and one used by illiterates to purport biblical ideas in face of facts.

The Earth is not fine tuned, we had ecological swings in the past, in fact if it was not for the moon creation event, the earth would be revolving far too quickly for any advance life to evolve. I wonder if this idiot even knows we are living on a reformed earth. He even has no idea; why there not rocks everywhere in space around us. Guess he never heard of the effects of bodies clearing their orbital paths, along with the protection provided by the super-giants like Jupiter. Most of the orbital debris that existed in our location in the solar system is today located mostly in the Earth.

When I hear these stupid claims, I really believe we are doing a serious disservice to the children of our nation by filling their heads with mindless crap. Later, one boy asked me about spirits and ghosts. I said I do not believe in such things but I mentioned to him about the 18.98 Hz frequency which if a person is exposed for long enough and with proper amplitude and resonance can facilitate hallucinations and the seeing of “ghosts”.

I wholehearted support the keeping of religious dogma and its fraudulent teachings out of schools like it is done in North America. Unfortunately we live in Trinidad and it seems we always remain a backwater third world developing nation.