Why is it soo hard to find someone to love?

Come on… I am a nice guy. I am sincere, sweet, a wonderful person, who can make any woman truly happy. If she really interested in a sincere guy. So, why can I not find just one woman, a woman I like and can fall in love with, to pay me a little attention? I would pay her the attention she wants if she let me. Yet, why do they always ignore me?

Is it my skin, if I could I would rip it from my body… is it because I am fat? Why should that matter, am I not one who can love and give love. If I bleed is it not the same blood as any other guy? Yet, I seem always playing the fifth fiddle, I cannot even get placed into second fiddle. Even the friends who know me better than anybody, do not even give me a second glance. Why?

“How soon is now?” is like the song that plays over and over in my life. I am the son, I am the heir, of nothing in particular… I am the son and heir….. How can you say, I go about things the wrong way, I am human and I need to be loved, Just like everyone else does….

So…. here I am… searching… in vain…. time and time again… looking for someone to have a sincere heart who would see me. Give me the love I could give to thee. It’s all I ask its all I plea, but the world never hears me. What bitter is the fortune, that some may carry, if only the burden be lifted and the heart lightened, maybe I could one day have faith in thee.