My taste in women.

What is my ideal woman.
Version 1.0

1. I do not like overweight women. They do not have to be skinny but if they have plenty real estate, I am not buying.
2. I prefer women who are aesthetically cute facially, pout lips and vixen facial features can go pout somewhere else.
3. I do like blond women but generally all Caucasians (anthropological defination not modern racial defination) attractive but I do like Asians as well, however Africans and African looking women, I do not find attractive.

1. I do not like women that over-sexualiize themselves, who blatantly expose and prostitute themselves in order to consider themselves attractive. Sluts go home.
2. I do not like women who think duck faces makes themselves look attractive. Ducks are ugly and so are you when you duck pout for the camera.
3. I like women who have a sense of style, who innovate their fashion to be unique and enhance their tastes and dispositions. Yes, that includes goth girls.

Intelligence etc.
1. I do not like dumb people, you should have enough intelligence where I wont be bored having a conversation with you. If the most important thing you can talk about is what some celebrity slut is wearing, then you can take a long walk off a cliff, in other words if you’re Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton, then go do some base jumping without a parachute.
2. She must have a sense of self esteem and self worth. There is nothing more frustrating than having to ego boost someone who refuses to acknowledge their own good attributes.
3. She must be outgoing, good manners but willing to be adventurous as well as loving and dedicated to the person she loves. Shallow women are not welcome if you are only in it for what you can get out of the relationship alone.

* Caucasians from the anthropological standpoint does not mean “white” as indo-aryans and many other ethnicities fall under this classification.