Trini Woman Rant 15 Feb 2016

Trinidadian women are a particular annoying breed. Well some are, those that are opinionated and a tad stupid and not realizing how insulting they are.

Example 1: This woman came to gossip about another woman she saw in a meeting with grayish blue hair…. so what if she woman wanted to dye her hair blue. It her right as long as it does not offend anyone. My hair is purple, does that make me “strange”, no it just means I am brave enough to express myself and a color that is cool. Mind you, this same gossiping woman has a few strands of blond buried in her African hair. Hypocrisy is rampant in some Trini women.

Example 2: My Senior teacher was down on me of whether or not I (can) cook. I told her yes I do, but in her mind cooking means Callaloo and other Trini foods, something I do not eat. I told her I made burritos on Sunday, but I guess she did not understand, that I made it from scratch, not from a can, not from a frozen packet. But why do I need to justify my abilities to anyone that it is not any of their concern. Then she mentioned something about a woman. I cut her short on that as that is another issue. I do not need a woman to cook Trini food for me, as I do not want any, nor do I need a woman to cook for me generally. I can take care of myself. A woman in my life is to be my companion, the fact that there is none in my life, is just how the fates have brought me to this date. Of course, I am opinionated on who I want in my life and that contributes that there none yet, as to date no Trini-woman has reached my sense of ideals.

I do not know why they are so “fast” and hypocritical. No wonder I am not interested in any of them.