About Me


Greetings dear visitor,

My online handle/personna has always been the Dragonlord Warlock, other handles I have used include Norin Nightfire, Warlock1969, White Thunder, Moonwing Djinn and a few others based on the aforementioned. My real name is Dion.

I am foremost a science and technology nerd. Professionally, I am a teacher with a background in Information Technology, which is both a gift and a curse as everyone seems to want you do do something for them.

I am eclectic in the true sense of the word. I am non-conformist and I follow my own path, rejecting conventional religious belief systems. I tend to favour on occasion pagan and shamanistic beliefs when I do not hold an apathy to all religious systems and favour the sciences, true to my heart.

I fancy myself a poet, a digital artist, and critic about the human condition. I have interests in New Age, Classical, Rock and Heavy Metal music along with Science Fiction and Horror movies and television shows. And although at first I may not seem gothic in my attire, anyone that knows me, will be keenly aware of the gothic aesthetic present in my life.

The aim of this website is to facilitate my expression, publish my opinions, poetry and whatever I wish to share with the world.

I hope you find something here that will appeal to some part of your sensibilities and while I do not mean to offend I refuse to be politically correct and will rant on any topic that earns my displeasure.