Man’s Reality

Man’s Reality

Man’s humanity, seldom seen
as many a light shine unclean
for as misfortune go
people live only for show.

Man’s creativity, for distruction
limited only by his twisted imagination
life is bought and sold, at cost
and all that is of nature is lost.

Man’s humanity, is it lost?
Man’s creativity, what is the cost?
Man’s depravity, faust?
Man’s reality.



My spirit walks unseen among you,
Forever have I been among you,
Many lives have I seen come and go,
And no angel walks by my side.

Lives past me by in a blink of an eye,
Never to stay at my side,
And I weep, everytime they die,
And no angel walks by my side.

A lonely existence have I,
Lonely because I do not die,
Why immortality must have I,
Cuz, no angel walks by my side.


Happy Birthday Sherry

Happy Birthday Sherry


By Dion

Happy birthday Sweet Sherry,
You held my hand as my friend,
And I will hold yours till the end.

In sadness and happiness,
When you are weak, I’ll carry you,
As you have done, when I had fallen.

In honor and much respect,
You will be my friend forevermore,
Seek and you’ll forever find my door.

Knock and it be open it be to you,
Protection, warmth and comfort,
I’ll give you, now and evermore.

Happy birthday Sweet Sherry,
With purest love I give to you,
My sister, my friend, forevermore…

To My Friends

To My Friends

To my friends, one and all,
I cherish each and every call,
Every night, that we speak,
You help me, when I am weak.

And when your pains are heavy,
I am glad to help thee,
And take what you will give me,
As we sail this new infinite sea.

For although, we may go separate ways,
I will dream of our days,
And in spirit I will be with thee,
So take comfort with me.

And if, we ever meet,
I will not look away at thee,
I hope you will do the same to me,
And that is my only plea.

I love you all, and this is true,
Remember me, and you never be blue,
For all I say is true,
And this is all for you.

Ahgayyah anigeya

Ahgayyah anigeya (Women)

A poem written in dedication to the Cherokee Women Spirit Lodge group, firends and sisters to me.

By White Thunder

Ahgayyah anigeya, you are our mothers
Who suffered and birth us giving us life
Who nursed us, cared for us, wept for us
Thought us, loved us and cherished us.

Ahgayyah anigeya, you are our sisters
Who walked and listened to our life stories
Who cried along with us, laughed with us
We will forever care and protect thee.

Ahgayyah anigeya, you are our daughters
Who sit with us, guidance we will offer thee
Who at times will not listen, we still love thee
Who look up and honor us with your love.

Ahgayyah anigeya, you are our wives, lovers
Who walk at our side, giving, taking and sharing
Who honor us with your love and comfort
Our hearts will forever belong to thee.

Ahgayyah anigeya, you are our equals
Warriors like us, who fight along with us
Who suffer along with us, bleed with us
We honor and give our lives to protect thee.

Ahgayyah anigeya, mother, sister, daughter, wife
Equals in this and the next life
We honor you as you honor us
You are the women that pass through our lives.



I remember when I was seventeen,
Traveling to places I’ve never been,
Opening my horizons as never before,
Broadening my outlook, forevermore.

And so, I traveled to a new world,
A world new to me, new to explore,
So I traveled to the edge of the abyss,
And I steered into it.

The wind blew around me,
Chilling me and filling me,
The sun was giving away to sister night,
Soon, there was little light.

I opened my arms, feeling, seeing,
Wishing for the winds to take me,
Into the air, into the night,
Into the air to take flight.

Power filled me, inspiring me,
To see myself in a new way,
Welcoming the dark sky, I stood,
Like a lover I understood.

Reborn, as a creature of flight,
Reborn, with new sight,
Reborn, to understand,
Reborn, a new man.

Deep in the Forest of the night

Deep in the Forest of the night
(c) March 30, 2001

In my spirit unseen,
In a place rarely gleaned,
In my broken heart locked tight,
Deep in the forest of the night.

Lies a broken frame,
A picture torn and warn,
Moist and damp from a million tears,
Deep in the forest of the night.

A picture of a dream,
A picture of a golden time,
A old man and an old woman in love,
A picture that could have been,
A dream lost and no longer seen.

Lying there on the ground,
Lying there in my vault,
Lies a broken dream in the dim light,
Deep in the forest of the night.

Am I Alone?

Am I alone?

There are family around me
Demanding that I conform
To their ideals and demands
And I am alone

I look to cyberspace
For the friendship and love
That is missing from my life
And I am not alone

I open my seldom used heart
That has been denied love
In the world that is my life
And I am alone

I seek to find someone
Who heart is beautiful
And who sees the love I have to share
And then I will not be alone

No one understands me
They think it is a game
All I do is work
And I am alone

I wish my life was different
But the spirits have
Decided against that
And I am not alone

No one knows my tears
No one knows my soul
Here in my world
I am alone

Doing Fine

Doing Fine

Heart broken, hopes taken,
Emptiness and forsaken,
Loneliness my company,
Life pleasures denied me.

My light and angel flee from me,
Begone and now a lost memory,
What reason has this have to be?
Why hast it not been given me?

Faithful and devoted was I,
All my soul and life I gave,
Suffered the torments of the trails,
And yet lost to another desires.

Twilight has its hold,
On my heart as of old,
Betrayed have I been,
Betrayed by my queen.

She who I valued more than gold,
She that promised to be my bride,
Now my heart, I conceal inside,
And tell all, I am doing fine.

Love Lost to the Abyss

Love Lost to the Abyss

Love lost to the Abyss
Forever in darkness
Must I wait and see
What bitter gifts
This world has for me

Love lost to the Abyss
How long will I miss
The beauty of life
That should have been
Promised by the spirits unseen

Love lost to the Abyss
Torn and tears bless
My wounded heart
Why must it be Torn apart
By my angel of my heart?

Love lost to the Abyss
Away flew, ever to be missed
Will I learn to fly again?
Only time will say
What will happen that day.