The Enigma that is Adam Warlock

This is a comment that I just want to get out there…

As far as I can see, a lot of Marvel Comics and other web sites ignore part of the canon with respect to Adam Warlock. Within the Marvel Universe and the public knowledge, we accept the origin that Adam Warlock (formally Him) started out in the Beehive project as an artificial being. How much of this is true? A lot of people including Marvel accept this, but is that the whole story? The fact is it is not, during the run of the new Adam Warlock series, Warlock had to take a journey into his own psyche and during this adventure, some curious facts were revealed. Most of these are ignored at current, but since they have already been published they are now canon, even if ignored.

First we all know Adam’s various aspects that exist, namely the Magus and the Goddess. One other that was revealed but have ever showed itself before is one called the “Old Woman”. The interested aspect that this aspect revealed to Adam, is that he is eons of years old. A fact that contradicts the accepted canon of the Beehive story, unless one takes the view that the Beehive, did not in fact, create Adam Warlock but was instrumental into the birth of his current incarnation. Adam currently shows no memory of what he was before but the fact that they may have used something other than raw materials into the creation of Adam is a possibility. This of course leads us to ask the question, who is Adam Warlock. A question that might have been answered if Starlin is given Adam Warlock again.

This eon spanning incarnation of Adam Warlock is mostly ignored by the current Marvel publishers, and would probably be ignored in the future, but even they cannot erase the past and a canon that they will undoubtedly ignore. But a fact that true Adam Warlock fans will always ask. As we already seen, Adam in the hands of Starlin is one of the unique marriages in Marvel that showed just how great a storyteller Jim Starlin really is… Adam also being one of his important vehicles to express his own views about many world topics.

With all likelihood this question of who is the real Adam Warlock or should I say what is the real Adam Warlock will be a question I probably carry to my grave, never knowing just what Starlin might have been trying to reveal about the character.

But throughout the Adam Warlock title, this origin is hinted, even in cross-over issues. For example, his adventure in the Ultraverse, fighting against Rune, when it was revealed that even if Rune could defeat Adam Warlock, not even Rune was powerful enough to siphon the soul out of Warlock. Given this fact, Adam could never be just the product of the Beehive, he has to be something more. Even his closest sibling, Kismet is nothing like Adam Warlock other than they both can weave cocoons and both are blonde and have golden skin. This of course, might allude that the Beehive project was solely responsible for the physical characteristics that whatever Adam Warlock is… inhabits. His memory of what he was before is currently lost, so when he forced to recreate himself, he bases it solely on what the Enclave did at the beehive project. Of course, other indications of Adam being more than what he seems is scattered through his appearances in other titles, for example, to date Kismet has not showed the ability to manifest a staff from pure karmic energy as does Adam. Another is the admission by Mephisto admission he could not defeat Warlock, but due to the fact that Adam was in the possession of the Soul Gem at the time, some might argue that this was the basis of that statement.

I for one would like to see Jim Starlin get his hands on Adam Warlock again, it would be great to see what he can do with the character he has been so instrumental in development, even if he did not originally create the character himself. If he did, we would be on a wild ride in the Marvel Comics world, one that could change everything we know and reveal things we cannot even begin to imagine.