To Chloe 2016

To Chloe (2016)

I gaze upon a vision of pure desire
A vision bestowed within me, a fire
Fantasies run wild in my mind’s eye
Of passion with our bodies entwined

Exploring the virtues of your lips
And running my hand down your hips
To know the softness of your bosom
and tasting your flower’s wisdom

Communicating our passions instruments
With deep breaths ecstasy sentiments
Moving to our heated ebb and flow
striking deep within your flower

To be wrapped with your twin columns
Announcing the crest of my intent
And reach love’s grand ascendancy
of Chloe fantasy dreams pleasantly

2016 – Dion Mohammed

A romantic poem I written for Chloe Grace Moretz. More fantasy than reality. But she stirs passions with me.