A work out in constraint

This is my first exercise into writing a constrained poem. In this case I took the same route as “Gadsby” by Ernest Vincent Wright; where he never used a single letter “e” in the entire work. This being my first effot will therefore not be perfect.

A work out in constraint
(c) May 4th 2006

I sit and allow my mind to drift
Through many thoughts do I sift
Looking for words that I might draft
Into a wordsmith’s craft.

Racking my mind do fully constrain
Agonizing thoughts through my brain
Words stab into my skin, sharp as iron
Words that I form a composition.

But alas a distant island’s horizon
Draws my longing rational ambition
A fantasy that grows into fruitation
That which do burst forth my satisfaction.

To know that I could birth such a grand rock
Which stands as a my triumph, and not just luck.