Friend into Lover

Friend into Lover
Thursday, August 30, 2001

My life is a strange twist of fates
A game to which I was invited late
A journey that has been very long
That can be words to every sad song

I seeked a light to smile upon me
Looked and never found that she
Times I thought I found my goal
Only to be thorn body and soul

Blinded by passion I could not see
That there was no true honesty
Led to my heart a bleeding and broken
Weeping at the toll taken

And through it all there was one
A friend that stood and listened
A friend who saw the true me
And weeped along with me

A friend I learned knew how to care
One with a heart true and dear
A true beauty beyond all compare
No truer woman can be she

One I learned I would stand beside
If only she would will me to be
Will this one be the heart I seeked
To the fates I plead for my sake

I would if I could wipe her tears
And take all the pain she endures
I take them along with mine
To see the joy of her smile