Ahgayyah anigeya

Ahgayyah anigeya (Women)

A poem written in dedication to the Cherokee Women Spirit Lodge group, firends and sisters to me.


By White Thunder

Ahgayyah anigeya, you are our mothers
Who suffered and birth us giving us life
Who nursed us, cared for us, wept for us
Thought us, loved us and cherished us.

Ahgayyah anigeya, you are our sisters
Who walked and listened to our life stories
Who cried along with us, laughed with us
We will forever care and protect thee.

Ahgayyah anigeya, you are our daughters
Who sit with us, guidance we will offer thee
Who at times will not listen, we still love thee
Who look up and honor us with your love.

Ahgayyah anigeya, you are our wives, lovers
Who walk at our side, giving, taking and sharing
Who honor us with your love and comfort
Our hearts will forever belong to thee.

Ahgayyah anigeya, you are our equals
Warriors like us, who fight along with us
Who suffer along with us, bleed with us
We honor and give our lives to protect thee.

Ahgayyah anigeya, mother, sister, daughter, wife
Equals in this and the next life
We honor you as you honor us
You are the women that pass through our lives.