I remember when I was seventeen,
Traveling to places I’ve never been,
Opening my horizons as never before,
Broadening my outlook, forevermore.

And so, I traveled to a new world,
A world new to me, new to explore,
So I traveled to the edge of the abyss,
And I steered into it.

The wind blew around me,
Chilling me and filling me,
The sun was giving away to sister night,
Soon, there was little light.

I opened my arms, feeling, seeing,
Wishing for the winds to take me,
Into the air, into the night,
Into the air to take flight.

Power filled me, inspiring me,
To see myself in a new way,
Welcoming the dark sky, I stood,
Like a lover I understood.

Reborn, as a creature of flight,
Reborn, with new sight,
Reborn, to understand,
Reborn, a new man.