An Ode to Sherry

An Ode to Sherry

A sonnet describing my feelings and friendship to my best friend in the world.

The mysicial grace of your quintessence
Equivocate a poet’s delibrate presentment
Thy artistry brilliance in your presence
Disconsolately wished while you’re absent.

Genuinely I declare amity conscientiously
Supplementary towards normal consonance
Conceivablely inamorata I am subordinately
Infequent personages, profoundly I reverence.

I would remorse not, if partisans were we
But in benevolence, I sincerely acquiense
And comprehend that we contemporaneously
demand supplementary then life accordance.

But in these disputation know it legitmate
To have know you, I’ll always consider myself fortunate.

– Dion Mohammed
(March 30th, 2006)