Goodbye Evanescence_Rocks_Hard

Today, I left the eGroup Evanescence_Rocks_Hard. It had its good times and it had its bad times. Of late, it seems a waste of time. There is a growing trend of suicide girls growing, and the advice some give is just as bad. The alternative they give is not good either, from how to cut to drugging. Worse is my friend Sasha must have blocked me. I guess she is not as mature as she believes to be offended so easily with a general statement that didn’t even pick a particular fault in her, but I guess it did hit home with her, striking a subject she refuses to admit to herself. That is the only reason I can assume she got so pissed and defensive about it. I have no idea what is it that bothering her, so I assume that it is that she wants to believe herself to be perfect. It is all I can assume, because I didn’t specificy nor do I know what is her idiocyncracies, yet she feels judged by them, whatever they are.

I really tought she was intellectually mature, and not so much of a whimpy, sissy teen like the other members of the group. After all she did claim to have an IQ above 120, but I guess IQ measures do not tell the sensibility and maturity of someone intellect, they very well could be juvinille as anyone else.