Winamp gone…

Winamp the best replacement player for Windows is almost gone. The last of the original team is gone and all AOL has retained is a few programmers to do updates till the plug is finally pulled. Gone will be the most awesome media player. What will the future mean, will sonique become the new flagship or will everyone settle for the poor Windows Media Player.

I for one will be burning a copy of my WinAmp installer and keep it safe for future use. WinAmp has no equal. When it is gone there will be no other player as well made without the usless bulk that is WMP. And since, I do support the new M4A/AAC format. It will be one I will need to keep for a long time.

Thank you WinAmp, you were there in the good times and some of us stood with you in the bad times. Thank you.


Dragonlord Warlock.