Thoughts about WPS

Here is an idea, maybe I or someone might try eventually. Starting from scratch …. rebuild, update and implement a complete clone of the Workplace shell but for Linux. I wonder if it can be done. IBM is working on BlueDesktop for Linux, could that also mean a version of the workplace shell? I guess we have to wait to see, when it becaomes available. But, if it isn’t a WPS for Linux. Maybe we should start thinking of making one.

The features would be as follows:

  • Object oriented desktop and file system.
  • The ability to modify existing classes used by the system.
  • Complete integration with a systemwide scripting engine.

and more….

  • Yes, integrating X into it would be an added bonus.

The ability to make both KDE and GNome application work seamlessly with the desktop and file system. Where you can easily snip data and store it without the application. Complete integration of the application with the underlying OS.

Is it possible, to bring back the most advanced desktop ever created for a new generation?

It is worth thinking about and maybe doing….