Rough waters of attraction

It tough being a guy, because you find attractive girls who could be as young as 16, and so you have to consciously say too yourself that she too young, even if you like what you see… I know there some guys that not an issue as they go after anyone regardless of age. But having a high self concept to live up too creates a dissonance between basal desires and moral conjecture.

For example, I have found Chloe Moretz, attractive before she turned 18 in 2015. But could not express that I was infatuated with the facets of her features. After 18, it was a little more acceptable to admit that her beauty inspires my more basal desires. It is also in my opinion more acceptable as she would not be an issue other than admiration.

Balancing desire and morality is a tense issue with some men. I someones wonder how honest are those who claim no attraction to younger women. Ephebophilia by definition is the exclusive sexual interest to mid to late adolescents (15-19), the key being exclusive and not finding older women attractive, so being attractive to a young woman of such age is not inherently wrong. But finding it exclusively to that group is where an issue arises. Thus one can postulate that if a balanced male, says he has no such attraction, his honesty may be questioned.

The dailymail online, (, sensationalized it by headlining it as alarming as the average age was calculated from okCupid as 22. What is neglected, is a detailed evaluation of the reasons, which could have more at issue than age.

Which brings me to a point, having been on dating sites. It is rather difficult to find attractive women, older than 25. Admittedly, men are a little superficial and physical attraction plays an important role. But, men are also judged, as my experiences seem to indicate.

The truth is, attraction and relationships are extraordinarily complex, and hanging political correctness onto the issue, just makes it even more a problem. We need to stop labeling and judging and let two consenting adults, regardless of age difference, attempt to find happiness in one another.

Addendum: I do not suffer from Ephebophilia, because I am also attracted to older women. Jenni Czech and others.