Second Life: Asshole Griefers (or those that get a kick off harassing other people)

In the real world, if someone do the stuff these assholes do they get arrested. But unfortunately in Second Life, the Linden Labs admins do not seem to care or attempt to stop this behavior. I am not talking about having a disagreement with another person, these people target you in public places or if they move next to your second life residence they aim becomes one where they go out of their way to harass you. You do not have to do anything to them, they do it on their own and provoke the trouble.

Most of the time it can be easy to ignore but sometimes it is so blatantly targeted at you, you cannot ignore it. I am in one such problem with a gang of them (and while it now a little quiet as I had to block any attempts to contact me in second life, I have had to ban and block them even accessing my land and airspace.

I will post their names here as I want everyone to know who these assholes are.

xyzqwa resident
Folf Fairport
Helmutg resident
Amygdalala resident (who does not do the attacking but close friends to the attackers and acts as their spy)
Sabina Demonia (partner to xyzqwa, which means she very well can be part of the gang)

There may be more (in fact I am sure their are move members in this gang, but these are the ones so far who I can testify).

When will the online harassment laws come to second life? I do not know. Maybe, when a class action lawsuit is levied against Linden Labs.