Second Life: Asshole Griefers (or those that get a kick off harassing other people)

In the real world, if someone do the stuff these assholes do they get arrested. But unfortunately in Second Life, the Linden Labs admins do not seem to care or attempt to stop this behavior. I am not talking about having a disagreement with another person, these people target you in public places or if they move next to your second life residence they aim becomes one where they go out of their way to harass you. You do not have to do anything to them, they do it on their own and provoke the trouble.

Most of the time it can be easy to ignore but sometimes it is so blatantly targeted at you, you cannot ignore it. I am in one such problem with a gang of them (and while it now a little quiet as I had to block any attempts to contact me in second life, I have had to ban and block them even accessing my land and airspace.

I will post their names here as I want everyone to know who these assholes are.

xyzqwa resident
Folf Fairport
Helmutg resident
Amygdalala resident (who does not do the attacking but close friends to the attackers and acts as their spy)
Sabina Demonia (partner to xyzqwa, which means she very well can be part of the gang)

There may be more (in fact I am sure their are move members in this gang, but these are the ones so far who I can testify).

When will the online harassment laws come to second life? I do not know. Maybe, when a class action lawsuit is levied against Linden Labs.


Red Cross Rant

Rant Time Again

This time it the Red Cross, however I can only rant about the meeting I attended and will never attend another Red Cross meeting again. Not only, was I granted a cold, which I am now suffering from. My experience, left me with a taste that this organization is full of bullshit, crap and enough kissed butt cheeks that I am sure some of those butts are ruby red with lipstick.

I really do not know where to start, what peeves me more about my attendance at this meeting. For one, I am glad I am not a member, and from attending, I will NEVER join this crappy organization.

I guess, my school thought that this would provide something useful for school application. It was no such thing. This meeting was essentially a self-congratulatory “masturbation” event. An event to blow their own horn, how great they are and to award themselves with tokens of appreciation. A total waste of my time attending. I detest functions who purpose is so the organization can kiss its own ass. Some people might like attended these crap events, but I am a doer, and prompt and ass kissing is not my forte.

As a side note, I also suffered a diabetic episode from not eating on time, as the event did not break for “lunch” till about nearly 2:00pm, which weakens me enough that contributed possibly for me to get whatever cold I am now suffering from as well.

Another disgusting thing is the cult like group events. Such as having to form a huge circle, arms crossed across your body and holding the hand of the persons next to you. WHAT A TOTAL FUCKING PIECE OF NONSENSE SHIT IS THIS? It was uncomfortable, it was totally useless action that serves what no purpose. I dislike activities like this, as it only signifies the group wants to seem to be a “community” with a “commonality” but in reality is just full of BULLCRAP.

Is this really the way, the red cross does its internal stuff across the globe, or is this a bullshit only local to my country.


Rant on stpidity of people.

What gets me about the internet; is its failure to enlighten the masses, as us nerds envisioned it would have. Instead we seen it has been hijacked by propagandists and other snake oil fraudsters that have succeeded in the deception of thought of many. I do not see why these do not go the full nine yards with their thinking and admit that 9/11 was an inside job, and the world leaders are reptilians from Nibiru. Yeah, they fear of being outed as the bat-shit crazy conspiracy nuts they are; and their lack of critical thinking, and knowledge of science, and the scientific method; the foundation of the real world and not of the imaginary world these people live in and desperately wish it was true.

Growing up, I have done some weird shit, taken risks, and done stuff that I should have known better. They were all learning experiences, that allowed me to know the real world, not the imaginary world, not the conspiracy world, and not the superstitious world; but the real world. The real world that governed by science and by facts and theories. Theories are not guesses or assumptions, they are descriptions of observable facts and explanations of their actions that can be confirmed and proven true. If you cannot live in the real world, then go back into the hole, church or other hovel, you claim existence within.

Taradai Joseph

Why I hate some religious people…. My principal today pulled me aside in the classroom I was teaching to tell me that I should not be drinking diet soft drinks, that drinking a soft drink was sending a bad message to the children who have been banned from drinking soft drinks. She even acknowledged that many doctors have no problems with diabetics drinking these, but she fortified her argument using the advice from a nutritionist. FYI, a nutritionist have no medical qualifications and cannot dream of calling themselves a doctor, nor do they have a background in science or the human body. This is why most nutritionist diets do not work, they are reading the latest garbage from their field but with no background in clinical studies and scientific study of the human body. Of course, the real reason is these are stuff that been brainwashed from the evangelical bent of the Principal and the nonsense that being pushed from sources with no scientific credibility especially if they use so called “scientific” advice from known quacks such as Dr. Mercola who does not have a real medical doctorate.
Also, her advice is drink juice and if not… then water. Juice which is like almost drinking poison to a diabetic. And as anyone knows sometimes you need something other than water…. so I call this BULLSHIT!
Additionally, I and my fellow teachers are adults, what we eat is our personal business and it is crossing the boundaries of professionalism when you venture into our personal lives that does not affect our teaching responsibilities.
So, Mrs. Tara Joseph…. FUCK YOU AND YOUR BULLSHIT, and next time you try that again I rip you a new asshole.

Stupid Xian Youtubers

So I posted a comment on Frankgone2010 on youtube. One of those Xian assholes that keep preaching that God is the answer to everything. I showed where he was ignorant of what knowledge is available today. This asshole goes out of his way to check my profile on youtube to see a couple spore game videos I posted and then comment that my knowledge of evolution is based on spore. SUCH A FRICKING ASSHOLE. SPORE IS A GAME.

It never failed to amaze me how jokers and morons like this get a kick over publicizing themselves and their stupidity. This grinning buffoon, thinks he cool, with how he shows his lack of any intelligence. Granted he supporting a fairy tale religion. But he does not have to look like a idiot doing so.

See for yourself and when you stop laughing at this moron. Tell him you love how he grins with that dumb look on his face.

I am sure he reply to me again… he feels threatened by people posting on his page yet put his video on there … how stupid can you be not to expect to get comments.