Are we all hedonistic?

Are we all hedonistic?

Are we all hedonistic but constrained by the requirement of working and earning a living? Indeed, many of us would love to indulge in the pursuit of pleasure, good food, drink, sexual satisfaction and fascinations. But we are limited by lives we live in.

Indeed it seems only the privileged are privy to this life that the money can afford them, while we wait on the sidelines to provide either directly or indirectly the services that allow them to follow the whims of pleasure. One can therefore conclude that life is indeed unfair as it allows a disproportionate amount of pleasure to be levied in their direction and the pain in ours.

This injustice has been the focus addressed in many religious and political systems. Most of these systems however, try to eliminate the pleasure in favor of the universality of pain; ensuring equality in the drudgery of life.

Technology and the sciences have seeked to do the opposite of these systems, make life easier and provide more pleasure, but it comes at a cost and they still do not totally encompass ever aspect of pleasure we seek in our lives. The sad fact that what limits us from achieving the pleasure in every aspect of our lives is constrained in the economic reality of supply and demand. There is only so much pleasure in supply and the demand is high.

Therefore, the only way we will ever achieve life on our terms is the elimination of limited supply. Can we eliminate it? That is a bigger question, as a technologist I would say it is a possibility when the technological singularity occurs, when machines overtake us and create enough supply where money and other limiting factors become obsolete (Providing our technological children do not deem us a burden and eliminate us).

But will this freedom to indulge in our hedonistic lifestyles mean we loose the ability to direct and control our lives and freedoms. In Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, we have a hedonistic society that in its pursuit of pleasure, has abandoned individualism, love, and other aspects that has been generated because of rarity. What use are these when every other pleasure in your life is fulfilled? Is the sacrifice worth the pursuit, perhaps not. Maybe a compromise is needed, but as an observer of humanity, I see we may quicker fulfill this Brave New World.

Religious stupidity

So today during Religious Instruction we had the R.I. person from the  adjacent class come to talk to the boys.

The amount of garbage he shoved out of his mouth was monumental.

Lets start with Light and Dark, he asked if any of the boys liked the dark and two boys raised their hands which he expressed that those boys liked evil more than good (paraphrased). That everyone should like the “light”/”day”.

Then he kept on orbiting the idea of Darwin as being a philosopher from his “research”. He asked me twice if I knew Darwin. Of course, I do and is not a philosopher, he a scientist, specifically he was a naturalist and geologist. But essentially his dismissal of the science of evolution that Darwin observed was a thought. Sorry, but it is not a thought, it is fact and while all Darwin could observe at the time was physical traits we know now he was essentially right from DNA analysis. As for asking me twice, I guess he has no idea he talking to someone who into science and from a scientific background, and have seen the stupid claims he making time and time again.

Unfortunately, one needs to keep quiet as not to burst the bubble of the insanity of Religious Instruction.

Other hogwash, he specifically said to the boys include the idea that the sun was two thousand years old. Yeah, you heard right, two thousand… In other words before Christ (if he even existed) there was no sun. So taking his words to ransom, the Egyptians, Greeks etc lived in perpetual darkness literally. This is not even a biblical claim which guesses at six thousand even when reality has shown time again that it more like 4 billion.

Another claim was the designed idea of the Earth being just in the right place. A fallacy argument that is well known to me, in that the Earth is not in THE ONE SPOT (that does not exist), we are in the habitable zone which ranges from about Venus to Mars, which is why Mars is similar to Earth but took a nose dive because it was unable to maintain a viable atmosphere. The fine tuned argument is one of the biggest fallacies around with respect to the earth and one used by illiterates to purport biblical ideas in face of facts.

The Earth is not fine tuned, we had ecological swings in the past, in fact if it was not for the moon creation event, the earth would be revolving far too quickly for any advance life to evolve. I wonder if this idiot even knows we are living on a reformed earth. He even has no idea; why there not rocks everywhere in space around us. Guess he never heard of the effects of bodies clearing their orbital paths, along with the protection provided by the super-giants like Jupiter. Most of the orbital debris that existed in our location in the solar system is today located mostly in the Earth.

When I hear these stupid claims, I really believe we are doing a serious disservice to the children of our nation by filling their heads with mindless crap. Later, one boy asked me about spirits and ghosts. I said I do not believe in such things but I mentioned to him about the 18.98 Hz frequency which if a person is exposed for long enough and with proper amplitude and resonance can facilitate hallucinations and the seeing of “ghosts”.

I wholehearted support the keeping of religious dogma and its fraudulent teachings out of schools like it is done in North America. Unfortunately we live in Trinidad and it seems we always remain a backwater third world developing nation.

Rant on stpidity of people.

What gets me about the internet; is its failure to enlighten the masses, as us nerds envisioned it would have. Instead we seen it has been hijacked by propagandists and other snake oil fraudsters that have succeeded in the deception of thought of many. I do not see why these do not go the full nine yards with their thinking and admit that 9/11 was an inside job, and the world leaders are reptilians from Nibiru. Yeah, they fear of being outed as the bat-shit crazy conspiracy nuts they are; and their lack of critical thinking, and knowledge of science, and the scientific method; the foundation of the real world and not of the imaginary world these people live in and desperately wish it was true.

Growing up, I have done some weird shit, taken risks, and done stuff that I should have known better. They were all learning experiences, that allowed me to know the real world, not the imaginary world, not the conspiracy world, and not the superstitious world; but the real world. The real world that governed by science and by facts and theories. Theories are not guesses or assumptions, they are descriptions of observable facts and explanations of their actions that can be confirmed and proven true. If you cannot live in the real world, then go back into the hole, church or other hovel, you claim existence within.

What do I believe in?

What do I believe?


I have always had a problem of a duality to my mind. The rational and the supernatural and I have never been able to satisfy the duality within me. To illustrate the problem, I will express some of the deeply held peculiarities that create this dilemma that fractures my consciousness.

Generally, I consider myself a scientist, a rational person that rejects many superstitions and beliefs. I will say that in my younger days I was an avid believer in ghosts, spirits, UFOs and aliens. I’ve have dabbled in everything from Christianity to witchcraft and in between there includes some simplistic forms of Buddhism. I have rejected many of these as I have accepted based on logic the sciences and the demand of valid proof for extraordinary claims when it clear that there is much simpler logic in the sciences explanation of the world and how things came to be. I generally do not call myself an atheist because from my experiences of the atheist trolls on you-tube that they can be just as much a bunch of zealous idiots as the religious they are so anally resistant against. Thus, since I based what I believe in science and not on empty word games and dogmatic hate, I refuse to set my stake into the atheist camp. I therefore call myself a scientist. After all, I am a programmer with a background and love for physics and the sciences, and an avid reader of some really hard science that dive into matter, reality and the world we live in as far as science has been able to take us to the boundaries of what we theorize about the nature of reality.

The duality comes in when I admit that I have had experiences that do not fit into the nature of science. As I will relate. Some years ago, I entered my bedroom and was quite aware of the sound of chanting voices. I could perceive them as well as I hear an automobile passing outside. Of course, like anyone, I was scared out of my wits when this experience occurred. I made not hesitation to leave that room, head downstairs and put the television on and try to forget that I had experienced. Eventually returning to the room when I was drained do to the lack of sleep wherein I crashed into bed and slept. The peculiar aspects of this experience is as follows. I am not Native American, I am of East Indian by heritage, but the chanting at the time unknown to me, I eventually discovered to be a dialect of the Cherokee language that was being recited by these ghostly old voices. Why did I experience this occurrence? It has no logical connection with my life experience. I cannot logically explain nor can I replicate this experience. I do not think I suffer from any sort of schizophrenia that would give credence to this occurrence. I do not consider myself insane nor is this the only strange experience in my lifetime. Many of which, are generally counter to the established religious dogma that exist in the world today.

So where does all this leaves me? I have sometimes no idea. I adore and accept the foundations of science and reason. It explains everything I can observe in the world around me, from the subatomic to the galaxies and beyond. It makes sense, it is logical and can be proven true and it can explain everything that most people can conjecture or propose a challenge. Yet, hanging in the cobwebs of my consciousness are experiences I cannot logically explain or give meaning to. How do I reconcile these two opposing halves within. Do I accept one and reject the other or do I accept both and throw reason out of the window, something that I cannot do as it is a useful tool that explains the real world we live in. This leads me to again ask myself…. what is it do I believe in?


Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

There was a time when I was younger when I believed in the supernatural, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and Religion. There was a time I had in my possession photo images of the MJ12 documents, which I shared with a UFO Website, whose author didn’t know about them nor have ever seen them. Now I cannot even locate those images in any of my backups from my various computers I used in the past.


Growing up, I had a copy of Charles Berlitz’s The Bermuda Triangle (which a friend borrowed and never returned) and various other books by said author. Back then I was a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge about Extraterrestrials, Rosswell and Area-51. I was so good on the topic I could espouse on it and have everyone engrossed in the room. I would illustrate connections between civilizations, shared myths and connection of various similar words between peoples thousands of miles apart.


I wanted desperately to see and encounter a UFO but not to be probed but as an intellectual equal and share exploration of the universe with them. Yes, I loved the sciences but back then I did not develop the critical analytical skills and the burning desire for proof and fact.


If the tarot is a symbolic representation of the development and passage of a person in phases of their life, then back then I passed through both the Fool (blind faith) and the Magician (deception). The education system didn’t really teach one to be critical about what one receives and are exposed to in their lives, thus many times I believed whatever information was directed towards me. I consumed it all eagerly and never asked questions about belief. I never questioned the evidence and I never questioned the validity of the sources. The fact is that most of the foundations of these beliefs required no evidence and would not hold up to scientific inquiry, but I was not awakened at the time.


It was not until later in my life (mid 30s or maybe early 30s) did I start to question the canons of which what I believed was based upon. What I found was that I knew nothing as fact, nothing as true and could be proven to be true. And if one thing was not true, what were the other things that were not true? What proofs and facts existed and what could be verified became the Occam’s Razor that would murder the supernatural tenants that I once held to as dogma. The shackles of the spoon fed lies dropped by the wayside and discovered along the way a more critical version of myself. I became more concerned with the integrity of truth and not the belief of truth.


Today, I find myself surrounded by people that believe many things without any critical view of what they being fed. I see students in the school I work, believe in the satanic pop stars and calling them Illuminati, not even knowing what were the Illuminati in history. All being fed propaganda, but it not just these ignorant little chaps but adults as well. My own mother, falls victim to doomsayers in the visual and printed media. I have co-workers who believe all kinds of weird pseudoscience and other mumbo jumbo. And they look at me as being weird for not believing the manure they do or the fact that I question it and take evidence that these things they believe as signs have been around for a long time (such as sink holes). Their imaginations have gone wild and misguided by misinformation and fraudulent claims that in many cases are classified as arguments from authority, which is a fallacy as it does not require evidence or proof.


We live today in a world where there is much propaganda and false information being fed and it not the weird stuff like UFOs. Conspiracy theories have become mainstream. Crackpot medical experts are abound and supported by self righteous, delusional grandeur seeking celebrities; all exposing “Do not listen to science, we uneducated know more…”


Warp One…. Engage

Stuff that we do not read about often…

Any of us who are Star Trek fans have always believed that the technology of star trek is possible, even though countless others have said it is not. Yet, as science proves, such phenomena is not without some scientific merit.

Take the concept of the Alcubierre Drive and a modification of the theory called the Krasnikov Tube. Both theories show the possibility that the laws of nature do allow the creation of drives that can accomplish the same effects as a Star Trek’s Warp drive. Yes, there are arguments against them, but these arguments are all based on one assumption that we cannot build or control a device capable of such phenomenon. Such thinking is backward thinking assuming current knowledge of technology, who to say what knowledge we gain in the future (should we survive) that would allow us to use or build devices to accomplish these theories. As such we cannot assume that warp technology would never exit. It does not exist now, that much we can surely say and it may not exist for generations. But can one day we make such a thing…. We cannot say no we never will or yes…. it might very well come to be.

Another interesting subject is Eugene Podkletnov while being ridiculed by many, he may have a substantial point in his pursuit of gravitational manipulation, which is a predicted effect of aspects of superconductivity under certain conditions. Why are we so quick to label him a crackpot just because the media wants to shove the term “anti-gravity” upon him and all the nonsense pseudo science in attempt to make him one of those. The fact is he might have accomplished a phenomena that will gain us knowledge into the behavior of gravitational forces, if at least it gives us a better understanding of gravity even if a propulsion system is too far fetched. We should not discount an qualified scientific theory without using Occam’s Razor and verifiable data and not by our prejudices.