Are we all hedonistic?

Are we all hedonistic?

Are we all hedonistic but constrained by the requirement of working and earning a living? Indeed, many of us would love to indulge in the pursuit of pleasure, good food, drink, sexual satisfaction and fascinations. But we are limited by lives we live in.

Indeed it seems only the privileged are privy to this life that the money can afford them, while we wait on the sidelines to provide either directly or indirectly the services that allow them to follow the whims of pleasure. One can therefore conclude that life is indeed unfair as it allows a disproportionate amount of pleasure to be levied in their direction and the pain in ours.

This injustice has been the focus addressed in many religious and political systems. Most of these systems however, try to eliminate the pleasure in favor of the universality of pain; ensuring equality in the drudgery of life.

Technology and the sciences have seeked to do the opposite of these systems, make life easier and provide more pleasure, but it comes at a cost and they still do not totally encompass ever aspect of pleasure we seek in our lives. The sad fact that what limits us from achieving the pleasure in every aspect of our lives is constrained in the economic reality of supply and demand. There is only so much pleasure in supply and the demand is high.

Therefore, the only way we will ever achieve life on our terms is the elimination of limited supply. Can we eliminate it? That is a bigger question, as a technologist I would say it is a possibility when the technological singularity occurs, when machines overtake us and create enough supply where money and other limiting factors become obsolete (Providing our technological children do not deem us a burden and eliminate us).

But will this freedom to indulge in our hedonistic lifestyles mean we loose the ability to direct and control our lives and freedoms. In Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, we have a hedonistic society that in its pursuit of pleasure, has abandoned individualism, love, and other aspects that has been generated because of rarity. What use are these when every other pleasure in your life is fulfilled? Is the sacrifice worth the pursuit, perhaps not. Maybe a compromise is needed, but as an observer of humanity, I see we may quicker fulfill this Brave New World.