Religious stupidity

So today during Religious Instruction we had the R.I. person from the  adjacent class come to talk to the boys.

The amount of garbage he shoved out of his mouth was monumental.

Lets start with Light and Dark, he asked if any of the boys liked the dark and two boys raised their hands which he expressed that those boys liked evil more than good (paraphrased). That everyone should like the “light”/”day”.

Then he kept on orbiting the idea of Darwin as being a philosopher from his “research”. He asked me twice if I knew Darwin. Of course, I do and is not a philosopher, he a scientist, specifically he was a naturalist and geologist. But essentially his dismissal of the science of evolution that Darwin observed was a thought. Sorry, but it is not a thought, it is fact and while all Darwin could observe at the time was physical traits we know now he was essentially right from DNA analysis. As for asking me twice, I guess he has no idea he talking to someone who into science and from a scientific background, and have seen the stupid claims he making time and time again.

Unfortunately, one needs to keep quiet as not to burst the bubble of the insanity of Religious Instruction.

Other hogwash, he specifically said to the boys include the idea that the sun was two thousand years old. Yeah, you heard right, two thousand… In other words before Christ (if he even existed) there was no sun. So taking his words to ransom, the Egyptians, Greeks etc lived in perpetual darkness literally. This is not even a biblical claim which guesses at six thousand even when reality has shown time again that it more like 4 billion.

Another claim was the designed idea of the Earth being just in the right place. A fallacy argument that is well known to me, in that the Earth is not in THE ONE SPOT (that does not exist), we are in the habitable zone which ranges from about Venus to Mars, which is why Mars is similar to Earth but took a nose dive because it was unable to maintain a viable atmosphere. The fine tuned argument is one of the biggest fallacies around with respect to the earth and one used by illiterates to purport biblical ideas in face of facts.

The Earth is not fine tuned, we had ecological swings in the past, in fact if it was not for the moon creation event, the earth would be revolving far too quickly for any advance life to evolve. I wonder if this idiot even knows we are living on a reformed earth. He even has no idea; why there not rocks everywhere in space around us. Guess he never heard of the effects of bodies clearing their orbital paths, along with the protection provided by the super-giants like Jupiter. Most of the orbital debris that existed in our location in the solar system is today located mostly in the Earth.

When I hear these stupid claims, I really believe we are doing a serious disservice to the children of our nation by filling their heads with mindless crap. Later, one boy asked me about spirits and ghosts. I said I do not believe in such things but I mentioned to him about the 18.98 Hz frequency which if a person is exposed for long enough and with proper amplitude and resonance can facilitate hallucinations and the seeing of “ghosts”.

I wholehearted support the keeping of religious dogma and its fraudulent teachings out of schools like it is done in North America. Unfortunately we live in Trinidad and it seems we always remain a backwater third world developing nation.