Rant on stpidity of people.

What gets me about the internet; is its failure to enlighten the masses, as us nerds envisioned it would have. Instead we seen it has been hijacked by propagandists and other snake oil fraudsters that have succeeded in the deception of thought of many. I do not see why these do not go the full nine yards with their thinking and admit that 9/11 was an inside job, and the world leaders are reptilians from Nibiru. Yeah, they fear of being outed as the bat-shit crazy conspiracy nuts they are; and their lack of critical thinking, and knowledge of science, and the scientific method; the foundation of the real world and not of the imaginary world these people live in and desperately wish it was true.

Growing up, I have done some weird shit, taken risks, and done stuff that I should have known better. They were all learning experiences, that allowed me to know the real world, not the imaginary world, not the conspiracy world, and not the superstitious world; but the real world. The real world that governed by science and by facts and theories. Theories are not guesses or assumptions, they are descriptions of observable facts and explanations of their actions that can be confirmed and proven true. If you cannot live in the real world, then go back into the hole, church or other hovel, you claim existence within.