Taradai Joseph

Why I hate some religious people…. My principal today pulled me aside in the classroom I was teaching to tell me that I should not be drinking diet soft drinks, that drinking a soft drink was sending a bad message to the children who have been banned from drinking soft drinks. She even acknowledged that many doctors have no problems with diabetics drinking these, but she fortified her argument using the advice from a nutritionist. FYI, a nutritionist have no medical qualifications and cannot dream of calling themselves a doctor, nor do they have a background in science or the human body. This is why most nutritionist diets do not work, they are reading the latest garbage from their field but with no background in clinical studies and scientific study of the human body. Of course, the real reason is these are stuff that been brainwashed from the evangelical bent of the Principal and the nonsense that being pushed from sources with no scientific credibility especially if they use so called “scientific” advice from known quacks such as Dr. Mercola who does not have a real medical doctorate.
Also, her advice is drink juice and if not… then water. Juice which is like almost drinking poison to a diabetic. And as anyone knows sometimes you need something other than water…. so I call this BULLSHIT!
Additionally, I and my fellow teachers are adults, what we eat is our personal business and it is crossing the boundaries of professionalism when you venture into our personal lives that does not affect our teaching responsibilities.
So, Mrs. Tara Joseph…. FUCK YOU AND YOUR BULLSHIT, and next time you try that again I rip you a new asshole.