Who needs friends?

I really do not know why so called friends do this….. try to set you up with people you obviously do not want to know, and people you obviously would not like. Worse they think its fun!!!!! Fun? To put you on a spot, speaking to someone you didnt want to meet? And worse, they refuse to admit that they set you up. Geez!!!!! WTF are they thinking? That somehow, we soo depressed we fall in love and fuck some ugly slut? Please friends, do not set us up with someone you know who is a social basket-case, who tries too hard to please and complete suckups. Worse, please don’t set us up without asking first, or even letting know who the fuck you going to try to set us up with. Why? because we are not going to speak to either of you again!!!!! STOP INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE!!!! WE NOT FUCKING STUPID!!!!