The Paranormal Con Game

I’ve often found that paranormal investigative reality shows to be overwhelmingly stupid. All the supposed “IR” shots of their faces and their reactions and never any credible shot of what is being investigated. But, what I slowly realized is they all one huge buddy system scam. Not to deceive the audience but to deceive the studio that fitting the bill for production. To highlight what I mean, most of these shows on the sy-fy channel currently are being canceled, this is post a change in management of the channel. Which makes me wonder if the people who had the reigns previously worked in tandem with shows like Destination Truth to milk the parent company and produce these substandard shows. The argument prior was that these “crap” shows were to fulfill air-time so that they can invest into better syfy shows and indeed it seemed the case at the time with shows like the American version of “Being Human”. But since the change in syfy echelons, we started getting more movies, the cancellation of crap shows like Destination Truth (in its last season) and continued production of worthwhile shows like Helix. The only thing I can see (and I might be wrong) is that the change, no longer can these con-men and their contact in syfy programming can pull the blanket over everyone eyes, and so these rats have started to run or are being thrown overboard. We might eventually get back what the Sci-Fi Channel used to be. And good riddance of these snake oil salesmen. (at least I hope so).