What is wrong with PPL today!!!!!!

My God!!!! What is wrong with people today. Late yesterday evening, I received an a message on AIM from “BeautifulBxxxx”. Who had the mistaken notion that I was someone she knew by the name of Adam. I told her repeated times I was not him. I went so far as show her my geocities page so she can see I am definately not Adam.

She was not convinced, she kept trying to insist I was kidding her. Worse is she begain to get insulting. I sent her a warning and then blocked her from contacting me.

Later, I checked my guestbook only to find a even more insulting message from this woman. She didn’t specify her email so as to avoid getting confronted. What kind of world do we live in when being polite gets you to be insulted? I did not message her, I was noteven trying to pick her up. I just was not the guy she thought. He LIED to her and gave her my SN. I DID NOTHING!!!!!

Needless to say, I cannot contact her right now to give her a piece of my mind. Because now she definately earned my wrath. Thus, she is still blocked on my contact list, but I am waiting to see her online and then I will unblock her… give her a long piece of my mind…. then block her ass again.

The more I look at people you find online…. it seems more and more we have idiots who sit behind their personal computers and think this is a safe way to behave like fricking a**holes. But what they do not realise is fate is a bitch and they going to get bitchslapped sooner or later.

Yeah, no doubt she a redneck slut who has screwed her brother, uncle and cousin; and has a multiple case of various STDs. So who in their right mind would want to lay her?


– DW