My Opinion

There a are some things that disappoint me and make me lose faith in humanity. Recent events and statements all contribute to my feeling of despondence. To express this issue, I am going to be candid, honest and frank about my feelings, likes, dislikes, beliefs and it may offend some, but nothing is going to change my mind.

So let’s begin…

As most may know I am East Indian with heritage connections via family to Christian, Hindu and Islamic cultures, of which I reject them all in favor for the real truth of science as explanations to everything that exists in the universe. I have in the past followed pagan and magic traditions and have great respect for followers of these and friends with those who practice those traditions. I value them more than any other culture. This includes the vampire subculture, which will shock many of you that this exists. And while I am getting old, gray, the subculture I feel more in tune with is the Gothic subculture rather than the local trini or other culture. Thus I get pissed off with anyone that promote their religious zealot propaganda. I have no respect for oriole who refuse to let others be themselves. You have no right to tell anyone what the should believe nor tell them they should perish for believing any set of ideals when such ideals hurt no one.

I am a firm beloved in equality of the sexes and that everyone deserves the same level of respect, be they be male, female or gay. Everybody is a person with feelings, desires, burdens which they carry. It not easy as it is and they all deserve the same respect and rights as everyone else. I also believe in racial equality, no one is better than anyone else, there no better ethnicity than any other. I’ve seen some things of late that if true is grassy wrong, such as white shaming, black egocentric or pleas for past wrongs, gone generation see ago. I make it clear there is nothing wrong with whatever ethnic background you have, be it white, black, brown, yellow or any colour of the rainbow. Respect everyone. I seen a video promoting ethnic dissolution on grounds of multiculturalism that is so wrong on many levels. Forcing such is wrong, let people and cultures be and not forced into ones idea of ethnic evolution. And yes, I do like blonde, blue eyed white girls but I would not want her, if the reason was not love but any kind of ethnic disintegration.

I do not care for anyone that pushes any idea or propaganda idea on anyone based on belief or hearsay or unproven beliefs, especially if they are too lazy to get the unbiased facts about a topic, for example, all the anti coke, anti GMO, anti whatever who have no science background nor scientific proof to validate their claim and going on their own self assumption or sourced from the pulpit of false disinformation.

I must mention that I dislike propaganda and the myriad of conspiracies that many seem to love to propagate. And none have any proof to any claim that can be substantiated and based purely on hate. They are no different than the terrorism that gripping our planet and would cheer for further bloodshed. Do not get me wrong, in my younger days, I myself believed that carpet bombing the entire middle east would solve humanity’s problems. But that is an idea of youth and inexperience. The world is a complex place where such actions would lead into a spiral of further death and destruction. At the same time, I still approve of covert actions such as the CIA and other covert security organizations, in trying to fix situations that have potential to get worse. It is far better to have one person disappear than have to clean up the blood of a thousand.

Finally, I support the western idealism, born of the ideas from the Greeks, two-three thousand years ago. I believe in the freedom of expression, of life and liberty. No one has any right to tell you what to believe, what to say, or what to do. The fact is this is the only life we have, there is no other, none after. Unfortunately, we live in a world that thinks otherwise, and willing to throw this existence into the fire, for ideas that are as worthwhile as a load of manure. Freedom is our birth-right, it the product of enlightenment and the evolution of the higher form of mankind. The mankind we need to take us into the future and to the stars. As long as we stay tangled in the cobwebs of primitive cultures and mindsets, we doom our world and our civilization. If these despot ideas become staple of greater mankind, then it time we go the way of the dinosaur and give some other creature the chance to evolve to take our place and maybe not get blogged down with the fundamentalism, feudalism, and the many other scourges that our fellow humans befall our species.