What is this thing called love? I once knew it but it was but a dream. I onced loved a girl, who meant everything to me. Her beauty filled my dreams, the thought of making love to her excited me. She was fair, beautiful, warm, sexy (not thin but just right). She had long dark hair, beautiful eyes and a warm smile. But she was a dream that turned into a nightmare. So what do I do now?

Do I settle for less than the vision of my dreams? or is there someone like my dreams out there again awaiting for me to discover her, and make that dream live again. Do I throw away the dreams and ideals and settle for something else? Do I give up that passion I once felt? The dreams of everlasting bliss.

I guess, I know my answer. No. I cannot, I must find such a girl again. One who will fill my dreams, make every time I look at her, one where I desire her and dream of her, every day and night. I will find her again… someday, somewhere…

Graduation 2005

Ok so it is finally over. The Standard 5 Graduation in my school.

The certificates – Done
The programmes – Done
Taking photos – Done

(other stuff)
Report Books – Done
Preschool Programme – Done

Now that is done, I can concertate on the other stuff I have to do. Fortunately the preschool graduation certificates have just been completed too…

Preschool Certificates – Done

However, I still feel like I am drowning with all the stuff I have to do. I am almost at my witts end…

3 more days and I wish I had 10…


Because you asked….

Well I know I havn’t posted a picture of myself…. so I guess I just post this one here… lol. Its not the best but it should be good enough for some….

Now everyone got something to fear!!! lol.


Well today my Gaim kept crashing, so I had to go download AIM, ICQ and Yahoo. Most work fine, except for some reason Yahoo does not work by default on my network, TSTT seem to be blocking many ports including Yahoo. Mostly likely in their attempt to keep software such as VoIP from becoming more used today. So instead of isloating the protocol and ports for VoIP they are broadblocking ports and only opening a few to allow limited usage. They however totally deny they doing that, yet it the only conclusion I can make after all the network reconfiguring I tried. Further proof is that I got connection of Yahoo through gaim by using port 80. So I had no choice but to fire up regedit and manually edit yahoo registry settings (since yahoo does not provide a interface to edit them) and navigate to the yahoo settings and change the port desination there to port 80, and tada… Yahoo started flawlessly. I still cant get software like eMule, Second Life, or even Unreal 2004 to connect.

Thank you for fucking up the internet TSTT!

Old (1987) Photo of some of the girls I went to school with minus the one I wanted a picture the most of… “Betty Ann Elizabeth Peters”. Most of the names I have forgotten now in the picture but two, second from left, Nikki and right front row, Netasha. Posted by Hello

Best wishes my friend.

Today my beloved best friend, Sherry told me she had a heart attack a couple of days ago. She is only 32 years of age. She due for 3 more operations to clear her artries because they are clogged. My prayers are with her. If you can say you can love a friend, then I love my friend Sherry. And I hope that this is only a stumbling block on the road of her life, one she will brush her knees and continue on. She is a beautiful person, both in spirit and form, a person honest, sincere and true. There is not a bad or dishonorable bone in her body. She is a soul whom I cherish knowing forever and honored to be her friend.

Get well sweet Sherry.

Lightsaber #5, simplicity and functionality. 🙂 Posted by Hello

Lightsaver #3, extra long handle. Posted by Hello

My first 3D lightsaber!!! 🙂 Posted by Hello